Discover the Ultimate Detox at The Golden Rock Retreat (now closed)

Discover the Ultimate Detox at The Golden Rock Retreat (now closed)

If you’re looking for a total escape, there’s perhaps nowhere better than Bali. It’s fast becoming the wellness centre of the world, but many parts of the island are surprisingly isolated and untouched—perhaps nowhere as much as The Golden Rock Retreat. 

An innovative detox and healing centre, the resort’s programmes have a strong focus on fasting and cleaning, and its remote location makes it perfect for those who need to unplug from urban living.


Hidden on the north east tip of Bali alongside the ocean, The Golden Rock Retreat is about three and a half hours from Denpasar international airport. Situated in Amed away from the busy tourist areas, it is a great place to cleanse and recharge.


Comprised of four beach-front bungalows (which each sleep two people) and a large two-bedroom villa (that can accommodate up to four guests), this boutique retreat is perched on the coastal headland. The bungalows all have large balconies with fantastic views of the coastline, along with a private meditation area for quiet contemplation.  Although quite simple, the décor of each abode is tasteful with lots of couches to lounge and snooze on. The retreat also has an open-air yoga shala and beachside pool, so you can bend and stretch or sunbathe between juices.

Food Programme

Good nutrition is an integral part of retreat life at Golden Rock. Although most guests are fasting, they serve fresh fruit salads, coconut water, steamed vegetables, brown rice, soy protein, steamed fish, sprouted beans and seeds, fresh soups and fresh organic eggs for those who aren’t.

The retreat also caters to those with specific dietary requirements. To support optimum vitamin and mineral intake during the detox process, Golden Rock gives each guest a daily supplement regime as part of the wellness programme. If you are already taking supplements they encourage you to bring them along so they can make sure they are suitable for use during your detox.

Treatment Programme

Golden Rock’s main primary focus is detoxification. Four, seven and 10-day detox programmes are available along with a ‘longer stay’ option and ‘Detox at Home’ package, in conjunction with a 21-day healthy food plan. The core programmes revolve around fasting, with the goal of cleansing the body’s main detoxification organs (the skin, bowels, liver, kidneys and lungs).

All programmes integrate deep internal cleansing using modern technologies including infrared sauna, ozone therapy and oxygen therapy alongside traditional treatments such as herbal supplements, massage, yoga and meditation. Other alternative therapies include bio-magnetic resonance therapy, herbal steaming, lymphatic drainage and enema cleansing.

Based on the belief that the body and mind are innately connected, Golden Rock’s treatment programme is designed to deeply cleanse the physical body while purifying guests on mental, emotional and spiritual level. So as well as removing accumulated toxins and stress from the body, negative mental patterns can also be released. Golden Rock offers pre-detox advice before arrival and the retreat’s health manager is always on hand to guide you through the detox process and discuss specific needs during your stay.


Expect to feel… uplifted, re-energised and squeaky clean on the inside when you finish your detox.


An authority on all things wellness, Rebecca is the founder of boutique consultancy, ‘The Conscious Wordsmith’, & former Editor-in-Chief of popular luxury lifestyle publication ‘Asia Spa Magazine’. Passionate about holistic health, she is a professional wellness journalist, certified yoga teacher, meditation instructor and ‘Peaceful Kids’ facilitator. Rebecca was based in Asia for over a decade, where she reviewed some of the world's best resorts and healing sanctuaries as ‘The Wellness Nomad’. She now lives in Australia and loves writing about wellness in all its forms.

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