YUN Wellness at Island Shangri-La Hong Kong Offers Exceptional Pre and Post-Natal Spa TreatmentsYUN Wellness at Island Shangri-La Hong Kong Offers Exceptional Pre and Post-Natal Spa Treatments

YUN Wellness at Island Shangri-La Hong Kong Offers Exceptional Pre and Post-Natal Spa Treatments

At YUN Wellness, nestled within the luxurious Island Shangri-La Hong Kong, mothers-to-be and new mothers can find solace and rejuvenation through a range of specialised pre and post-natal spa treatments tailored to their unique needs. With a focus on relaxation, recovery, and holistic well-being, these treatments are designed to provide comfort and support during this transformative time.

Prenatal Treatments

  • Prenatal Massage: Tailored to the needs of pregnant bodies, this advanced massage combines gentle stretching and nurturing strokes to ease discomfort and promote relaxation. Priced at HKD 1,650.00 for 60 minutes, it’s a soothing experience for both body and mind.
  • Prenatal Facial: Designed with clean, paraben-free products, this facial offers mild exfoliation and a nourishing mask, leaving expectant mothers with a radiant glow. Priced at HKD 2,500.00 for 60 minutes, it’s a pampering treat for the skin.
  • Breast Care Treatment: Targeting the décolletage and bust, this treatment uses radio frequency and ultrasound combined with specialized massage techniques to tighten and firm the skin. Priced at HKD 1,500.00 for 60 minutes, it promotes healthy, tighter skin post-pregnancy.

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Post-Natal Treatments

  • Postpartum Massage: Harnessing the soothing benefits of heat and hot stones, this massage relieves aches and pains while easing tight muscles and lowering stress hormones. Priced at HKD 1,650.00 for 60 minutes, it’s designed to support physical and emotional well-being.
  • Postpartum Recovery: This holistic therapy combines hot stone application, abdominal herbal masks, and long massage strokes to promote relaxation and lymphatic drainage. Priced at HKD 13,500.00 for 90 minutes, it offers comprehensive support for post-partum recovery.
  • Lactation Consultation: In partnership with certified lactation consultant Michelle Lok, YUN Wellness provides tailor-made consultations and treatments to address breastfeeding challenges and support lactation needs. Priced at HKD 2,000.00 for 60 minutes, it offers invaluable support for new mothers and their babies.

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  • slimum® BODY: Developed by Karen Loke, slimum® BODY facilitates body figure restoration and rehabilitation after childbirth, targeting pain relief, slimming, and reshaping. Prices range from HKD 16,650.00 to HKD 50,650.00 for 75-minute sessions, depending on the specialist chosen.
  • Osteopathy (Pre- and Postnatal): Provided by experienced osteopath Inès De Beer, this manual therapy offers comprehensive musculoskeletal treatment suitable for pregnancy, infants, and children. Priced at HKD 2,100.00 for 45 minutes, it addresses a range of physical concerns.
  • Organic Pre and Postnatal Hair Spa Therapy: These pampering treatments offer relaxation and hair care using organic and natural products, providing nourishment for both the scalp and hair. Priced at HKD 2,200.00 for 75 minutes, they offer a luxurious experience for new mothers.

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