Get Back to Basics at This Zen Ubud Bali Retreat

Ubud Sari Retreat, Bali
Ubud Sari Retreat, Bali | Image courtesy of Ubud Sari

Often we imagine unwinding to involve sipping piña colada’s as we get massaged at a luxe beachside resort. However, there’s something to be said for really getting back to basics: uncluttering your life unclutters your mind, and that’s where the real work begins.

Nowhere offers this quite as much as the Ubud Sari Retreat in Bali. The no-frills zen village will give you the opportunity to reinvigorate mind, body and spirit, without the usual distractions of everyday life. We review their comprehensive health programme, from the menu to feng shui.


Positioned within walking distance of the town centre, yet surrounded by views of lush gardens, Ubud Sari is a great option for those that want more than a simple retreat stay, and want to experience the local culture during their visit.

The zen village huts | Image courtesy of Ubud Sari
The zen village huts | Image courtesy of Ubud Sari


Comprised of five cute one-bedroom cottages and 30 modest rooms, the retreat has a back-to-basics vibe. Designed around the Zen tradition of simplicity and elegance, the somewhat sparse interiors of each space are dominated by clean lines, hardwood floors and tribal wall hangings and draperies.

Constructed in accordance with the traditional Balinese architectural principles of ‘Asta Kosala Kosali’, which builds structures in harmony with the ‘natural laws’ of interior design, configuration, direction and ambience (similar to Feng-Shui), the aesthetic reflects a local Balinese village.

The Ubud Sari offers an extensive vegetarian menu, including avocado soup | Image courtesy of Ubud Sari
The Ubud Sari offers an extensive vegetarian menu, including avocado soup | Image courtesy of Ubud Sari

Food Programme

Catering to vegans, vegetarians, cleansers and detoxers, Ubud Sari’s dining menu is health driven. Featuring fresh, organic soups and salads, along with a variety of fruit and vegetable juices, the retreat’s purification focus is mirrored in its wholesome cuisine offerings. They provide ‘living food’ options, which support a raw food diet to compliment the retreats ‘raw health’ programme.

Treatment Programme

Revolving around two core programmes, the retreat has a strong detox focus. The ‘Detox & Cleansing’ programme is split into a number of categories including ‘Body, Mind & Spirit Rejuvenation’, ‘Total Tissue Cleansing’ and the ‘Seven-Day Healing Week’; while the ‘Raw Health’ programme includes a ‘Raw Food & Beauty Intensive’, ‘Raw Health Rejuvenation Week’, and a two-week ‘Total Revitalization’ package.

All packages include spa and beauty treatments, fasting options, purification tools and healthy lifestyle advice. Performed in the retreats alternative care health clinic, treatments include traditional Javanese ‘Mandi Lulur’ (body scrubs), body peeling, detoxifying seaweed body wraps, and spicy ‘Boreh’ body masks which incorporate a centuries-old recipe using herbs and spices to increase blood circulation and ease aches and pains.

The spa and beauty salon also offers manicures and pedicures, hair treatments and a range of facials using products from French brand, Phytomer. If you feel like meditating, head to the retreat’s outdoor amphitheatre; or if you want to shop for food supplements and other health-related merchandise, head to the retreat’s in-house ‘Health Store’.

The gardens are filled with lush tropical jungle | Image courtesy of Ubud Sari
The gardens are filled with lush tropical jungle | Image courtesy of Ubud Sari


Expect to feel… Like you have spent a week or two in a local Balinese village. It’s a no-nonsense retreat that will give you a chance to reset without the usual distractions—perfect for anyone feeling overwhlemed by modern urban life.

Ubud Sari | 35 Jl. Kajeng Ubud, Bali, Indonesia 80571 | (62-361) 974393 | Facebook

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