How I Retreat: Lindsay Jang, Founder Of Yardbird & Ronin

How I Retreat: Lindsay Jang, Founder Of Yardbird & Ronin

The bar is self-confessedly high when it comes to her expectations of a good wellness retreat, Lindsay Jang says. The wellness entrepreneur, restauranteur and avid yogi is no stranger to wellness retreats, from yoga programmes to hardcore fitness boot camps. We chat with Lindsay about her favourite destinations, her travel style, and find out her bucket list retreats.

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What’s your favourite kind of destination and why? The destinations I enjoy the most aren’t tied to temperature: I love the cold as much as I love the heat. I choose my travel spots based on the experience offered, what I need at that time, whether it’s relaxation, fun, fitness… And I really like to go to places I haven’t been to before. 

When it comes to wellness retreats, what are you looking for in a retreat? I’m pretty simple. I want a super comfortable bed, blackout curtains, good food and drink, and strong health and wellness programming. Maybe I’m not that easy to please as I haven’t found the perfect one yet, but the Equinox Hotel in NYC ticked most of those boxes.

What are your wellness retreat travel essentials? Workout clothes, bathing suit, a massive visor, and tons of sunscreen. And, my iPhone.

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When you’re on holiday, what are your rules to make sure you really disconnect? I don’t put rules on myself when it comes to disconnecting because my work and my life are about being connected. I make an effort daily to put my phone down when I’m with my kids and spending quality time with my friends and family but they all know and understand that I’m on call 24/7.

I don’t put rules on myself when it comes to disconnecting because my work and my life are about being connected.

Which wellness retreat or destination is on your bucket list for 2020? I haven’t thought that far ahead! I definitely want to check out Amanoi though. 

What’s the weirdest activity you’ve ever tried in the name of wellness?There are too many to list but I like to keep an open mind and assume that it serves a purpose for something and someone even if it didn’t for me. 

Describe your travel style in five words. Rimowa trunk full of black. 

When you can’t get away, how do you retreat at home? I have an infrared sauna at home, I convert my entertainment room into a sweaty studio for online streaming workouts, and I have no problem taking a whole day to do nothing in my PJs.

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