The Top 10 Workout Tracks According To LIGHTS//OUT HIIT Instructors

The Top 10 Workout Tracks According To LIGHTS//OUT HIIT Instructors

Working out to music cant turn a tired chore into a pleasure: not only does it boost your mood and help you focus, but it can actually make the workout feel less difficult, pushing you to a new personal best. The tempo and volume make you work harder, while the beat improves your coordination to make you move more rhythmically. But what are the top workout tracks you should you be tuning into for maximum motivation?

Billy Tam (left) and Sandy Sydney (right) | Image courtesy of LIGHTS//OUT

Music is a key part of the LIGHTS//OUT boxing club experience. The nightclub-inspired studio pumps the tunes to specialised lighting while you push yourself for 45-minutes of high-intensity boxing and strength circuits.

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“I love training to big classic jams that have big bass line buildup and massive drops, or motivating lyrics that I can sing and move to,” says LIGHTS//OUT Founder Billy Tam, picking upbeat numbers like Survivor—”Who doesn’t love Rocky IV, the epitome of training hard and against the odds?”

LIGHTS//OUT  Programme Director Sandy Sydney is more interested in dance remixes: “I play music that drives, motivates, and inspires me. I love the fun playfulness of Latin music, and the big drops of EDM,” he says.

If it’s time to update your playlist, or get a brand new one, check out their top ten tracks for a successful sweat session.

Get the full playlist below on Compare Retreats’ Spotify Channel:

Burning Heart: Survivor

“Eye of the Tiger” is the quintessential workout track, but what about Survivor’s other Rocky hit, “Burning Heart”? Set against an all-or-nothing fight scene, this movie soundtrack will help push you to your limits.

Danza Kuduro: Don Omar & Lucenzo

This Spanish and Portuguese song’s lyrics are as catchy as the beat (even if your grasp of Latin languages is a little rusty). Relentlessly upbeat and playful, it’s the kind of track you could run miles to.

Livin’ on a Prayer: Bon Jovi

If hearing that starting bass line and drum roll doesn’t get you moving, we don’t know what will. With a vibrant energy, Bon Jovi’s underdog anthem is the perfect track to get you jacked up for a high-intensity workout.

Uptown Funk (Club Remix): Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars

We dare you to try and sit still while you listen to this track. This DJ remix of Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ irritatingly catchy tune is one of the top workout tracks with fast-paced instrumentals and lyrics that’ll make you want to sing along—if you have any breath left.

Hearts on Fire: John Cafferty

Can you ever have too much Rocky? When it comes to a workout playlist, Billy Tam says no. Another hit from the Rocky IV soundtrack, John Cafferty’s rock hit is sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

Lady (Hear Me Tonight): Modjo

A little throwback to the early 2000s, Modjo’s French house disco track which has a deceptively smooth and mellow sound that might make you overlook its quick beat: perfect for that HIIT warmup.

Changes: 2Pac

Released in 1998, Tupac Shakur’s posthumous hip-hop rap has a killer bassline and fast, poignant lyrics on racism, classism and the war on drugs to give you food for thought as you move to the beat.

Love Is Gone: David Guetta & Chris Willis

Featuring American singer Chris Willis, this electro house track has mass appeal from the club dance floor to the gym because of its high-energy from the get-go.

Sail: Awolnation

With a tense bassline buildup and massive drops, this alternative electronic pop-rock track from AWOLNATION keeps building the pace to make you sweat harder.

Havana: Camilla Cabello & Daddy Yankee

It’s been one of the biggest songs of the past year, and with good reason: mellow tempo yet upbeat, this Latin American song from Camilla Cabello is the perfect summer workout track.
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