10 Hong Kong Juice Cleanses For The Ultimate Summer Detox

10 Hong Kong Juice Cleanses For The Ultimate Summer Detox

Early morning workouts, late-night meetings, cocktails and dinner parties… Hong Kong is a work hard, play hard city that never seems to stop. To get back into optimum shape— mentally and physically— many people swear by juice cleanses.

While there is no hard medical evidence to support the effectiveness of a juice detox, a recent study conducted by UCLA supports what many advocates have been saying for years: when used in moderation, a juice cleanse can boost digestion, balance flora and improve cardiovascular health.

By replacing normal meals with a carefully planned series of cold-pressed vegetable juices, you allow the digestive system time to rest, flush the liver with antioxidants and cut out harmful stimulants like alcohol and caffeine. These detoxes can also help break the cycle of cravings and food panics, letting you get back in touch your body’s needs – not just its wants.

Are you ready to supercharge your system and jump start your wellness goals? Take a look at our favourite Hong Kong juice cleanses and find the perfect detox for your lifestyle.

Hong Kong Juice Cleanse Hong Kong Detoxes juiceries diet weight loss
This programme is not a meal replacement, but a supplement | Image courtesy of Hyaku


Hyaku’s juice cleanses are a great place to start for those new to liquid detoxes. Unlike many other programmes, these juices aren’t meal replacements, they’re supplements—adding an extra boost of vitamins and minerals to each meal. Their four signature juices will be delivered every morning, filled with a fresh combination of fruits and vegetables so your taste buds will never get bored. A great introductory cleanse, you can also sign up for ‘subscriptions’ that will keep you on track for weeks with regular, complimentary deliveries. Plans begin at HK$980 for five days.

Hyaku | +852 2805 8887 | hyaku-living.com

Hong Kong Juice Cleanse Hong Kong Detoxes juiceries diet weight loss
Designed by a Michelin-star chef | Image courtesy of Water Juicery

Water Juicery

Crafted by Michelin-starred chef Akrame Benallal, each of Water Juicery’s blends has exceptional balance, taste and texture. This programme is truly for the gourmands, and is intended to be used alongside a clean, high-protein diet. When you sign up for one of their programmes, offered from anywhere between one and six days, you’ll receive ten juices and a selection of protein powders, fibre powders, and pink Himalayan salts to give your body a full cleanse. Plans begin at HK$700 for one day.

Water Juicery | +852 2325 9368 | waterjuicery.com.hk 

Hong Kong Juice Cleanse Hong Kong Detoxes juiceries diet weight loss
One of the first detox programmes in Hong Kong | Image courtesy of Punch Detox

Punch Detox

Entrust your gut to Asia’s first juice detox company, Punch Detox. Founded by two Hong Kong-raised, Ivy-league educated women, Punch combines the science of nutrition with the art of fine dining. Their freshly cold-pressed juices, scientifically curated for maximum effect, give your body the delicious boost it needs to fight Hong Kong fatigue. Cleanses are available for people of all levels, including first-timers and juicing pros. Bonus: they deliver straight to your door. Plans begin at HK$315 per day. 

Punch Detox | punchdetox.com

Already a juice cleanse expert? Take a look at detox retreats for better results

Hong Kong Juice Cleanse Hong Kong Detoxes juiceries diet weight loss
An eight-juice cleanse to keep you full | Image courtesy of

Genie Juicery

A Hong Kong cleanse-favourite, Genie Juicery was created specifically to combat the city’s crazy lifestyle. Eight juices a day stave off hunger while flushing out toxins and pumping your body full of nutrients and necessary vitamins. Choose from a selection of ready-made cleanses, or create a customised plan to target specific needs like acne or weight loss. Their cold pressed juices can be delivered anywhere in Hong Kong and Kowloon, or picked up at their store. Plans begin at $600 for one day.

Genie Juicery | geniejuicery.com

Hong Kong Juice Cleanse Hong Kong Detoxes juiceries diet weight loss
Good in, bad out | Image courtesy of BE-JUICED


Following the philosophy of ‘good in, bad out’, this homegrown concept only uses the simplest, most natural ingredients for their cleanses. Made fresh every morning, all of BE-JUICED’s drinks are packed with nutrient-dense fruits, vegetables and nuts, giving a stressed body everything it needs to reset. If you just need a boost, stop by their Peel Street shop and grab a midday bottle or rich and creamy açai bowl. Plans begin at HK$550 for one day.

BE-JUICED | bejuiced-hk.com

Hong Kong Juice Cleanse Hong Kong Detoxes juiceries diet weight loss
Bare all with Nood | Image courtesy of Nood Food

Nood Food

Found in Pure gyms across the city, Nood Food are juice cleanse experts. Each of their cold-pressed combinations has been specially created to meet daily energy requirements so you don’t feel lightheaded or fatigued–they even have a high-protein cleanse for those that want to continue crushing it at the gym. Committed to sustainability, Nood sources local produce where possible and all of their containers are made from PETE 1 plastic, the most recyclable plastic available. Plans begin at HK$600 for one day.

Nood Food | allnood.com

Want more support on your juice cleanse? Think about a detox retreat and combine nutrition wth exercise for longer lasting weight loss

Hong Kong Juice Cleanse Hong Kong Detoxes juiceries diet weight loss
There are 32 different flavours available | Image courtesy of Pressed Juice

Pressed Juices

100% natural and 100% fresh, Pressed Juices’ delicious cleanses are formulated by qualified nutritionists to ensure optimum benefit. With 32 flavours available, there are always new combinations to try. They have locations throughout the city, so it’s easy to pop in and try a juice before you commit to a full cleanse. Plans begin at HK$500 for one day

Pressed Juices | pressedjuices.com.hk

Hong Kong Juice Cleanse Hong Kong Detoxes juiceries diet weight loss
If you’re looking for a longer cleanse, HK Juice Company have you covered | Image courtesy of HK Juice Company

HK Juice Company

These all organic juices are made from a combination of local and imported ingredients, many of which have USDA/JAS/EU certified organic status. They have three-day, five-day and custom cleanses available, including special programmes for brides-to-be and corporate clients. Pre and post-cleanse consultation sessions make this a great option for those interested in learning more about wellness and setting personal goals. Plans begin at HK$1,650 for three days.

HK Juice Company | hkjuice.com

Hong Kong Juice Cleanse Hong Kong Detoxes juiceries diet weight loss
Juice cleanses designed for men, brides and more | Image courtesy of 12NOON


Catering to both detoxers and those seeking fast weight loss, 12NOON offer six packages: Purification (1780 calories), Restoration (1690 calories), Transformation (1580 calories), The Man (1320 calories), Hardcore (1000 calories), and Bridal (980 calories). While the latter three are tailored to those looking to shed weight, the first three are more suited to those wanting to feel fresher from the inside, and lose weight at a more steady and sustainable pace. Plans begin at HK$350 for one day.

12NOON | twelvenoon.net

Hong Kong Juice Cleanse Hong Kong Detoxes juiceries diet weight loss
A balanced detox with Bless | Image courtesy of Bless


Bless Cold Pressed Juices are freshly made each day in Hong Kong, with the consultation of nutritionists and dieticians to make them safe and healthy. The three different levels of cleanse programme can be tailored to your individual preferences, and if you’re a first-time cleanser or worried about meeting your dietary goals, you can consult with their in-house nutritionist to make sure it’s right for you. Plans start from HK$550 for one day.

Bless | blessbalance.com

For a more intensive detox or juice cleanse with increased results, take a look at our selection of detox retreats

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