Ce La Vie Hosts Wellness Month On Their Central Sky Deck

Ce La Vie Hosts Wellness Month On Their Central Sky Deck

We’re being truly spoilt in June with wellness events in Hong Kong galore – and one of the biggest events comes from CÉ LA VI, who is hosting ‘Wellness Month’, a month-long series of different fitness classes and healing experiences. Based on the four pillars of Wellness – move more connect deeply, stress less, and eat well – they are hosting some of the top health and fitness experts and practitioners in town on their 360-degree viewing deck above the city skyline.

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Yoga on the roof | Image courtesy of Ce La Vie

Choose from nine different classes being hosted throughout the month, with goody bags filled with gifts from TORQ, Aromatherapy Associates, The Yoga Room, and Tizzy, in addition to CÉ LA VI, who will offer a Weekend Brunch voucher for groups of four where the fifth person can enjoy their meal for free.

Check out the full itinerary below, and get yourself in shape for summer.

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Get moving | Image courtesy of Ce La Vie

Week 1: Move More

To get guests moving towards a healthier lifestyle, the first week offers exercise classes that can be easily incorporated into working life, adding that healthy kick for the summer ahead.

Yoga with Marsha Yip from The Yoga Room (Sky Deck)

With a strong focus on balance, Marsha’s class is dynamic and fun; helping to build strength and flexibility in all areas for alignment, as well as restorative elements to create a truly holistic experience. June 5, 11:00am.

Switch/Release with TORQ (Sky Deck)

Starting with 30 minutes of ‘Switch’, the first part of the class will burn some serious calories using body weight and a variety of equipment, followed by a 20 minute ‘release’ section; using foam rollers and dynamic stretching to unlock jammed areas and achieve freedom of movement. June 5, 12.30pm.

Switch with TORQ (Sky Deck)

An early morning ‘Switch’ to wake up to and burn calories before work in an innovative circuit class. Using body weight and equipment, guests will be cross training using strategic work and rest intervals to challenge the body. June 7, 7.30am.

wellness hong kong yoga hong kong ce la vie wellness events fitness
Connect deeply | Image courtesy of Tizzy Shots

Week 2: Connect Deeply

With a series of tea ceremonies, group meditation and sharing reiki, this wellness week is about connecting with your inner self, while creating a community of like-minded individuals to share positive energy.

Relax with Reiki by Corie Chu (Club Lounge)

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning “universal life force” or ki “energy”. By using this popular energy healing method, guests will meditate while restoring energy through touch with Reiki Master Teacher Corrie Chu. June 12, 12.45pm.

New Moon Meditation with Katherine Dale & Tizzy (Sky Deck)

Dr. Katherine Dale, fondly known as “Luna Mama”, will guide guests through meditation, the lunar cycles and how to use moon energy to find balance in life. This will be followed by a ginger anointment ceremony from Tizzy using ginger oil from organic roots grown locally. June 13, 7.30am.

Tea Ceremony (Spiral Spaces) with Resham Daswani (Sky Deck)

Resham Daswani, Founder of Spiral Spaces and Tea will guide guests through a unique experience called “Cha Dao” the way of tea, which has long been known as a way to cultivate an awakened presence through tea. June 14, 7.30am.

wellness hong kong yoga hong kong ce la vie wellness events fitness
Have a sensory experience with Aroma Associates and Ce La Vie | Image courtesy of Ce La Vie

Week 3: Stress Less

This week will focus on the critical importance of taking a mindful pause during the most hectic of days. Guests will learn how to keep calm and restore perspective, while learning how to manage time for optimal wellbeing.

The Art of Sleeping Well by Aromatherapy Associates (Club Lounge)

Starting with an inhalation of essential oils that help relax the mind and body, Aromatherapy Associates will talk through the different key ingredients that aid sleep and tips on how to sleep better. June 19, 12.45pm.

Yoga Release with Charlotte Johnson (Sky Deck)

Bodies that get stuck from sitting all day or high intensity work need release and here, guests can unwind using foam rollers and dynamic stretching to release muscle tension and the stresses of the day. June 21, 12.45pm.

wellness hong kong yoga hong kong ce la vie wellness events fitness
Eating well is one of the four pillars of wellness | Image courtesy of Ce La Vie

Week 4: Eat Well, Be Well

In a city where food is king, indulgence is everywhere. This pillar of wellness helps guests to find balance and puts a focus on the importance of a wholesome diet that gives nutrition without being a chore.

Mindful Eating with Aromatherapy Associates (Club Lounge)

Aromatherapy Associates will guide guests on the best way to have a balanced diet and how different oils can affect the body and enhance appetite. A selection of oils will be presented to guests to sample during the talk. June 26, 12.45pm.

Classes start from HK$120. Contact Ce La Vie’s Guest Relations Team for more information and bookings: reservation- [email protected]

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