Compare Retreat Tries: Lush Synaesthesia Spa Treatment

Compare Retreat Tries: Lush Synaesthesia Spa Treatment

Above the bustling commotion of Lyndhurst Terrace, the Lush Spa at Soho Square transports you from the frenetic pace of Hong Kong to the seclusion of the English countryside. An enchantingly designed ‘cottage’ spanning the second, third and fourth floors, the unconventional spa has an old-world feel that brings comfort and cosiness. Putting the spotlight a range of aromas, scents and zero-waste products, the spa’s treatments blend in the brand’s continued efforts towards sustainability with a sensory experience. Compare Retreats steps into the rustic English-inspired cottage to unwind and experience the Lush Synaesthesia Spa Treatment.

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Image Courtesy of LUSH Hong Kong 

Spa Facilities

The Lush Spa is situated just above its Lyndhurst Terrace’s flagship store and sprawls across three floors. Treatment rooms are spaciously designed—including one couples’ room—filled with soothing music and soft floral aromas from the very beginning of the treatment. 

I arrived a little early for my Synthaesthesia treatment, but one of the friendly staff offered to give me a short tour of Lush’s storefront where I had a mini-treatment and demonstration of a few skincare products. Lush offer hundreds of products, and it was helpful to have someone guide me to ones that best suited my needs. I also learnt more about other spa treatments at Lush, including the ’70s inspired ‘Hard Day’s Night’ massage set to the tunes of The Beatles. 

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Waiting in the reception—a farmhouse-style kitchen furnished with warm wood and fragrant floral arrangements with the sound of birds chirping in the background—I was quickly greeted by my spa therapist who explained the treatment to me and walked me through the pre-treatment consultation form. Homely and inviting, the Lush Spa creates a comfortable environment, so that any stress is left behind the door. 

Image courtesy of Lush

The Treatment

I visited Lush Spa to experience the 80-minute Synthaesthesia treatment, which seems to be one of the spa’s most popular treatments among staff and spa-goers alike. Before the treatment, I was asked to pick a word from 11 ‘behaviours’ on the chalkboard. Wanting a soothing experience to ease away any tension I had, I picked ‘Relax’ which corresponded with a massage bar that had smelled of lavender and instantly put me at ease. The consultation time was around 20 minutes long, which allowed the therapist to go into great detail in explaining the treatment to me, as well as making me feel that my needs were being personally met. 

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Once the treatment room was prepared, a tranquil space that continued the warming country house-style of the consultation area, I was given a moment to get undressed and lay down on the bed. The Synthaesthesia treatment is about engaging the senses in a way that stimulates the mind to connect senses in a way it typically wouldn’t: seeing sounds, or hearing smell, for example. The 80-minute multi-sensory journey fuses together sound, smell and touch in a full-body massage designed to alter your state of mind and improve circulation—I personally found the combined efforts stimulating as my imagination spiralled in a dream-like state through the experience. 

In keeping with my request for relaxation, the therapist was gentle as she worked up and down my body, and the scent of lavender had me at ease immediately. Combined with the soothing soundtrack of bird song, I was so relaxed I may have nodded off once or twice during the treatment—the entire experience was relieving, as if a weight had been lifted from me by the end of the session. My body and mind both felt lighter as I left the spa, and it was almost a surprise to step out onto Lyndhurst Terrace rather than into lavender fields or a quaint 1940s farmyard. 

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Image courtesy of Trung Do Bao


Bringing the simplicity and warmth of the 1940s English countryside—read, no traffic, technology or modern distractions and toxicity—into the heart of Central Hong Kong is no easy task, but Lush transport you across time and distance for a restful and relaxing experience. The conveniently located spa serves as a much-needed respite from the city—while many spas offer a luxuriant experience with marble-clad treatment suites, the experience at Lush was much more grounded and homely. 

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The real standout of the whole experience was the exceptional staff. From the store assistants to my spa therapist, everyone was friendly, helpful, and deeply knowledgeable on the products and treatments offered. Before leaving the spa, make sure to have a look around the storefront and pick up some essentials—there’s no reason you can’t recreate a little bit of the spa magic in a DIY experience back home. 

2F-4F, Soho Square, 21 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central |

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