General Manager Ramon Imper On TIA WELLNESS RESORT’s Rebrand & New Wellness Retreats

General Manager Ramon Imper On TIA WELLNESS RESORT’s Rebrand & New Wellness Retreats

Reopening its doors in March 2021, Fusion Maia revamped its concept to TIA WELLNESS RESORT, a revolutionary escape focusing on the journey of transformation. The well-loved all-inclusive spa resort continues to impress with its immersive wellbeing experiences, while the wellness and retreat options are uplifted with new creative-integrated options. We speak to Ramon Imper, general manager at TIA WELLNESS RESORT on the rebrand and what to expect as a guest…

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Could you tell us about the rebrand from Fusion Resorts to Tia Wellness Resort? The world changed in 2020 and so did we. Guest needs changed and we adapted our offering accordingly. TIA was created in a bold response, shifting the priority from relaxation to providing authentic wellness. Our roots have been steeped in wellness since our brand began as Fusion Maia in 2008, when we first developed our spa-inclusive concept—the first of its kind in Vietnam. We evolved as spa leaders in the industry, winning accolades for our approach to mindful wellbeing. Our exciting new concept continues to build on this, taking wellness a step further by equipping guests with the tools necessary to rejuvenate and further enhance their life.

What was your first healthy holiday experience? I grew up in Switzerland and my first experiences with wellness was when I was a teenager staying in various resorts in the Alps that featured natural hot springs, cleansing spa rituals and treatments as a way to recover from both winter and summer sports. The clean air and natural springs of the Swiss Alps made it a healing destination for hundreds of years, which I was always fascinated to learn about and experience for myself. My first energy healing holiday was eight years ago in at a small Chakra and Reiki healing retreat in Cambodia, which really shifted my view on wellness travel.

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How do you reboot after a hectic week? I try avoid getting to a stage where I have to reboot, by maintaining a consistent schedule. I do this by practicing yoga and breathwork early every morning. It makes me feel energised and strong and clears my mind to start my workday with passion and positivity. Also my diet is 80 per cent plant-based so I focus on eating clean which helps to keep me energised even during the most hectic of times. If I do feel like I need a reboot, I meditate or have a Reiki healing therapy at our resort.

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Who are your role models and why? My mother is for sure a big influence. She taught me a lot about wellbeing and healing from an early age and I remember how she would always keep me grounded. As a family of hoteliers, she was also the person who taught me to be a host and take care of guests, with passion and an eye for detail. There are many more role models, but another significant one is Thich Nhat Han. I have read his books and his  philosophy is simple yet so powerful.

What was the incentive behind opening this resort? TIA Wellness Resort provides guests with a unique opportunity to focus on wellness and serves them by offering new value from the travel experience. TIA guests work hard to achieve professional success and support their family, often neglecting their own self-care. This can lead to feeling stuck and confused in life, calling for more than the traditional holiday to feel inspired and creative.

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A stay at TIA Wellness Resort provides the education and tools to activate life going forward and helps guests maintain focus and resilience during challenging times. The experience helps them find their center and use creativity as a tool to reinvent themselves to feel empowered while navigating change.

Who would this healthy holiday destination suit? This healthy holiday would suit anybody who is looking for more than just a relaxing holiday. It is ideal for guests who are looking to learn more about themselves and ways to improve their daily lives. Even guests who have none or limited experience with healthy holidays are welcome at TIA Wellness Resort, as we take a very gentle approach in our philosophy and educate rather than restrict. 

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What do you hope guests will take away from their stay? We are offering much more than just a relaxing escape. We redefine the spa experience by integrating progressive wellness into each stay. TIA takes bold steps in helping guests break free from routine to explore their creative potential for a journey of self discovery. They will learn to upgrade their diets, breathe to regulate their system and move to better manage stress, returning home refreshed and renewed. Our mission at TIA is to offer inspiring experiences and retreats that empower guests to incorporate wellness into their daily rituals and routine. We wish to create lasting change by ensuring that anyone who stays with us leaves with a deeper understanding of how to continue these practices upon returning home. Nothing brings us more joy than helping you realise your potential and guiding you towards exploring infinite possibilities.

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What sets this resort and the retreats you offer apart from the rest? At TIA, wellness is at the heart of everything we do. It’s our core value because wellbeing creates a pathway to happiness, confidence and creativity. Our retreats are for guests who wish to dive deeper into self-discovery and expression. We developed the Creative Possibility Retreat – a three-night, four-day programme. This retreat has been thoughtfully crafted for guests to enhance inner stillness and brave creative expression based on the key TIA pillars of truth, inspiration and conscious action.

Guests will enjoy two wellness therapies per night (total 120 min per person) and access to their own personal TIA wellness guide who will tailor the entire journey, including plant-based full-board meals. The retreat also includes our signature breath work master class, empowering you to slow it down and bring yourself back into balance. Together with breathwork, this core practice helps to quiet mental chatter so that you can be led by the heart instead. Our creative workshop is an opportunity to engage in guided creative activities such as collage, drawing and painting aimed to explore and connect with your inner landscape, to open up authentic expression.

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How has the power of positive thinking helped to change your life? Positive thinking has made life easier in every way. I used to overthink issues and had the tendency to see the glass as half empty, which makes daily life and work much more difficult. Changing a behaviour is not easy, but there are so many small actions and tools which can help, such as affirmations and writing down positive feelings. Once I realized that if I think positively, my surroundings will shift in a positive way, it really opened my eyes to how powerful positive energy can be.

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