4 Radiant Healing Crystals To Boost Your Mood Every Day

We’re loving the resurgence of healing crystals, from homeware to jewellery: incorporating them into our every-day lives has never been easier. Whether you’re a hardcore crystal devotee or toying with the idea of adding a little sparkle to your life, these mood-boosting gems should be part of your collection. Compare Retreats spoke to OMSA World co-founder and all-round holistic healing expert Coco Chan to get the inside scoop on the best crystals to give your mood a little lift. 

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Crystal Quartz

Coco calls this gem the “The Master Healer”. In the energy healing world, Crystal Quartz is revered for bringing focus, clarity and aiding intention-setting—making things ‘crystal clear’, if you will. “This crystal is great for clearing any energies that you may not want and elevating your overall wellbeing,” explains Coco. When you’re making tough decisions, Crystal Quartz is the stone to have at your side. 

crystal, crystal healing, crystal energy healing, rose quartz, mood boosting gems, crystals for happiness
Image courtesy of OMSA World

Rose Quartz

Probably one of our personal favourites, Rose Quartz’s beautiful pale pink tones have made it a top choice with crystal-loving millennials. “This is a very calming and compassionate crystal which helps with uplifting your mood,” says Coco. “This pink gem is perfect for drawing in unconditional love, harmony and trust in relationships.”

crystal, crystal healing, crystal energy healing, mood boosting crystals, gems and stones for happiness
Image courtesy of OMSA World


Just looking at this vibrant yellow stone is enough to make you smile. “This crystal has a golden yellow tone to it, so naturally it reminds us of the sunshine,” says Coco. Absorbing negative energy and emotions,  it’s great for giving you a little boost of optimism and helping quell any inner turmoil. “It’s properties invite prosperity and abundance into our lives.”

happiness gem stones, crystal, crystal healing, crystal energy healing
Image courtesy of OMSA World


This aura-cleansing gem is the perfect way to add a little rainbow-coloured mood-boost to your life. “Fluorite is a grounding protection stone that enhances connection to universal consciousness,” explains Coco, “and opens up our energetic bodies to limitless abundance, happiness and overall wellbeing.” For a little emotional detox, pick up one of these.

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