5 Healthy Hacks To Have Your Easter Chocolate And Eat It Too

5 Healthy Hacks To Have Your Easter Chocolate And Eat It Too

With sweet treats galore, Easter is another dietary minefield on the holiday calendar: dodging those chocolate eggs can often feel like missing out; or, on the flip side, like falling off the wellness wagon. But, did you know that chocolate is a not-so-secret superfood? When you take out the refined sugars, dairy and processed preservatives, it has a whole array of health benefits from increasing metabolism to reducing stress. We’ve done a little digging and discovered a few healthy chocolate hacks to try out this Easter that allows you a little indulgence, without sacrificing your fitness goals.

chocolate, Easter, healthy chocolate, cacao, raw cacao, organic
Make sure your chocolate is raw, organic and fair trade for a guilt-free indulgence | Image courtesy of Etty Fidele

Chocolate Yoga

Chocolate yoga combines two steadfast favourites for a deeper wellness experience: the Chocolate Yoga company begins their sessions with a chocolate ceremony, with cacao consumed in hot chocolate form, followed by a good dose of stretching and strengthening. We just hope we can concentrate on our sun salutations with the aroma of chocolate in the air.


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chocolate, Easter, healthy chocolate, cacao, raw cacao, organic
Easter eggs don’t have to be unhealthy | Image courtesy of Jasmine Waheed

Raw Chocolate Eggs

Raw chocolate – or cacao – has been known for centuries for being rich in antioxidants, high in magnesium, iron and calcium, and an excellent mood elevator. This recipe from MindBodyGreen offers a great way to incorporate it into your diet this easter – you could even spice it up with the addition of other great superfoods like ginger, chilli, or goji berries.

Get the recipe here.

chocolate, Easter, healthy chocolate, cacao, raw cacao, organic
An alternative use for chocolate | Image courtesy of Rakicevic Nenad

Chocolate Face Masks

In addition to all the benefits of consuming raw chocolate, it’s also known to be great for your skin. Moisturising, protection from the sun, and anti-aging properties are just some of the perks to smothering the delicious stuff all over your face. Find the perfect homemade chocolate face mask for your skin type with this handy guide.

chocolate, Easter, healthy chocolate, cacao, raw cacao, organic
Sign us up for a chocolate retreat please | Image courtesy of Charisse Kenion

Book yourself into a chocolate retreat

No, you’re not dreaming; yes, they exist. Spend four days tasting wine and chocolate at this yoga retreat in California or get creative at this painting, wine and chocolate retreat in Greece. Wellness is all about balance: with a wine glass in one hand, and a chocolate in the other, we feel we’re on the right path.

chocolate, Easter, healthy chocolate, cacao, raw cacao, organic
An Easter surprise – a chocolate massage instead of hot cocoa | Image courtesy of Alisa Anton

Book an appointment at Hotel Hershey

The United State’s favourite chocolate brand have their very own hotel, spa and all, which specialise in “Everything Chocolate.” If you’re State-side, relax with a whipped cocoa bath, a chocolate fondue wrap, or a cocoa massage. No need for aromatherapy at this spa: the scent of chocolate will probably be enough.


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