Holistic Health: Energy Healer Coco Chan On How To Use Healing Crystals

Holistic Health: Energy Healer Coco Chan On How To Use Healing Crystals

Crystals are probably up there in the top ten of aesthetically pleasing wellness tools (along with golden facials, petal-filled bathtubs and infinity pools galore), but they’re more than just pretty stones—which Coco Chan, Hong Kong wellness warrior and founder of Voltage PR can attest to. A lifelong interest in the beautiful stones led her into the world of healing crystals. Compare Retreats decided to dive deep on the topic and find out exactly what healing crystals are—and why size doesn’t matter. 
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Image courtesy of Coco Chan

For complete newbies: what crystals are, and what they have to do with wellness? A crystal is a solid where the atoms form a periodic arrangement. All crystals have their own energetic signature frequency, therefore, having the ability to increase ones energetic fields which we call healing.  

When and why did you start using them? I’ve always been interested in crystals as a child. My mom owns a jewellery store that is home to many types of crystals so I’ve been surrounded by crystals my whole life. Each crystal is unique and gives off a different frequency so I love using them for a variety of things, anything from aiding sleep or raising my own vibrations.

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What has been the most surprising thing you’ve learnt/discovered about using crystals? It’s quite similar to essential oils for me. Each day you’re on a dissimilar frequency because of our human emotions that are constantly fluctuating. Therefore, each day you are drawn to different crystals/stones. Once you know your stone/crystal functionalities then you can easily figure out what frequency you’re on that day which I think is very cool.

Fun fact I read on DiscoverMagazine.com while learning about crystals: “The centre of the earth was once thought to be a single, 1,500-mile-wide iron crystal. Seismic studies now show that the inner core is not a single solid but perhaps an aggregate of smaller crystals.”

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What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in your life in your own experience of crystals? The biggest change I’ve experienced while using crystals is my increasing levels of positivity and the ability to love not just my family and friends but myself and strangers.

Do crystals work for everyone? Why or why not? Each crystal has a unique signature frequency and I’m a firm believer that it works for everyone but not everyone may feel the energetic vibes. There are people who are more sensitive to energy than others. Everyone has the ability to raise their awareness and tune into the crystal energy. 

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How can crystals be incorporated into your everyday life? Crystals are so versatile! It can be worn as jewellery daily: this is fun as you can wear whatever resonates with you that day or pick a stone that helps to elevate your mood or help you with a specific need for the day ahead.

I’m not too familiar with feng shui but I know many people who use crystals specific areas of their work or home space to aid a certain sector of life, be it romance, health, wealth, or interpersonal relationships. I personally like to keep selenite and black tourmaline at work as I am in contact with a lot of people throughout the week.

crystal healing energies holisitic health alternative therapies wellness healers healing
Image courtesy of Uby Yanes

How can you use crystals when you travel? I love travelling with crystals especially when I’m staying at different hotels. You never know what type of energy lingers so I bring along a few protection crystals with me which include:

  • Black Tourmaline: a very protective stone which protects and against negative energies and psychic attacks. Great for grounding and aids in the removal of negative energies.
  • Black Obsidian: blocks negativity and helps to clear build-up of psychic smog
  • Selenite: cleanses the aura, brings mental clarity, promotes a peaceful environment by cleansing negativity in all forms.

What is your favourite crystal and why? I have two! Selenite and Rose Quartz. Selenite is amazing: I love the gentle frequency that it has, and it’s a crystal that doesn’t need to be cleansed as it charges and cleanses itself. It’s great for aura cleansing and voiding off negativity in all forms. To me, rose quartz has a compassionate vibration that makes me feel like warm sunshine and fills me with unconditional love. It’s a lovely feeling to have.

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What is the biggest misconception about crystals? Size doesn’t matter… A small tumble stone will have the same effect when placed in the right spot in a space or on your body.

Which resources would you recommend for anyone looking to get into it crystals? I haven’t found any in particular in Hong Kong that I’ve fallen in love with which is why I always find the best pieces when I’m travelling. I believe in seeing and feeling each piece to see if it resonates with you before making a purchase and bringing it home with you.

Learn more about alternative therapies in our holistic health series, or find Coco Chan on Instagram @cokes to follow her wellness journey.

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