How To Get The Most Out Of Your Personal Training Sessions

For fitness fanatics, having a personal trainer is the dream: having someone to plan your training, hold you accountable, push you out of your comfort zone, and help you achieve those big goals. But when should you get a personal trainer, and how can you make the most out of those sessions? The ‘Commit to Change’ programme from PURE Fitness is all about making those sustainable lifestyle changes to reach those fitness goals. We talk with Kahei Tse, PURE’s Regional Learning and Development Manager for Personal Training about how to optimise your personal training. 

pure fitness personal trainer when should i get a personal trainer personal training
Kahei Tse | Image courtesy of PURE Fitness

What are the benefits of personal training sessions over training solo alone? Personalised coaching means training clients according to their specific needs and level, so they can achieve their unique goals. By adhering to a smart programme, clients can get results, and get them quickly: these programmes are also essential to prevent overtraining injuries or any training plateaus. In addition, working alongside a personal trainer means clients are made aware if they are on the right track. Trainers are a support system for their clients.

When should someone see a personal trainer? Anyone who is serious about seeing results should consider training with a PT — if all professional athletes have coaches, why shouldn’t you? The most important thing to remember is finding a PT who is right for you. The most common reason someone would seek out a PT is that they want a faster, better result, as they can focus on putting in the effort into their training, rather than planning.

pure fitness personal trainer when should i get a personal trainer personal training
Kahei Tse | Image courtesy of PURE Fitness

What is goal setting, and how should people go about it? Goal setting should be intrinsic: each goal has to be important to the goal-setter, so they can apply maximum effort. Working with a personal trainer will allow clients to really explore what they are capable of in terms of achieving their goals.

What is the time commitment of a personal trainer? Depending on how aggressive the goals are, ideally 3-4 times a week — and definitely not less than twice a week — for at least 3-4 months consistently.

What’s the best way to maximise your results with a PT? Good communication with your PT throughout the entire training process is vital. Let your trainer know how your body is feeling, honestly. Compliance is also key: adhering to a fitness plan consistently, and aligning your lifestyle with your training goals. This includes nutrition, sleep, being active and stress management. Remember the 23 hours you are not in the gym also matter.

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