Mandarin Spa Hong Kong Is Now Offering Thai Massages

Mandarin Spa Hong Kong Is Now Offering Thai Massages

Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong already had a lot to offer the average wellness traveller, from decadent pedicures to morning Pilates, but now it’s upped its game to offer authentic Thai massages in collaboration with Mandarin Oriental Bangkok. Guest therapists Khun Serm and Khun Chalisa will perform two culturally unique Thai treatments from now until 14 July 2019.

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Muay Thai Massage

Inspired by Muay Thai which is the national sport and martial art form of Thailand, the Muay Thai Massage emulates the movements of kicks and punches, as well as incorporating elbows and knees to provide a sense of invigoration and rejuvenation. This deep oil massage can effectively soothe muscle tension, stimulate circulation, encourage the removal of uric acid and other toxins, induce a positive state of mind, and improve body awareness.

The 90-minute Muay Thai Massage is priced at HKD 1,800 on weekdays and HKD 2,040 on weekends, subject to a 10% service charge.

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Thai Warrior Massage

Thai Warrior Massage is an ancient Thai therapy with special stretching techniques that dates to the 13th century where it was commonly applied to injured warriors. Combining techniques of a traditional massage with Thai hermit exercise, also known as ‘yoga massage’, this treatment features rhythmic movements, acupressure, gentle twisting and deep stretching. It relieves muscle tension and promotes the balance of circulating life force energy in the body. The Thai Warrior Massage was awarded gold medals in the Best Asian Massage Championship 2017 and the World Champion Massage 2017.

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