Digitally Detox With Natural Living Practices At Museflower Retreat & Spa

Digitally Detox With Natural Living Practices At Museflower Retreat & Spa

Digital Detox‘ is the wellness buzzword of 2018, but it’s not just a passing trend. As technology becomes a firm fixture in our daily lives, it’s become even more important to address a digital/analogue balance and know when it’s time to wind down and shut off from stimulants on our phones and laptops. A place to slow down, recharge and reconnect with your spirit through healing, Museflower Retreat & Spa is an all-inclusive holistic wellness sanctuary in Chiang Rai, Thailand that focuses on teaching and promoting natural living practices – and it might be just the place for you to switch off.

Museflower Retreat & Spa, yoga retreat, thailand retreat,
The lakeside resort is just outside of Chiang Rai | Image courtesy of Museflower Retreat & Spa


Set in a tranquil garden overlooking a peaceful lake, Museflower Retreat is situated approximately 40 minutes from Chiang Rai Airport. Designed to inspire ‘creative energy’ through its natural surroundings, the retreat is a ‘toxic-free environment’ with a dedicated eco-friendly policy that is reflected in Museflower’s lush landscape.

Museflower Retreat & Spa, yoga retreat, thailand retreat,
The rooms focus on simplicity and the resort has no TVs or wifi | Image courtesy of Museflower Retreat & Spa


Encouraging guests to embrace ‘simple bliss’, Museflower Retreat was founded on the principle ‘the simplest things can bring the biggest joy’. Subsequently, the quaint cottages that comprise the retreat’s accommodation adopt a back-to-basics style (straw-woven walls, no air conditioning, TVs or wifi).

Split into ‘Standard’ and ‘Superior’ categories, rooms can be configured for single, double or triple occupancy and can accommodate a maximum of 36 people. The superior rooms have balconies and air-conditioning instead of ceiling fans; however, all rooms are very simple with sparse furnishings and basic amenities.

The retreat is also home to a chlorine-free crystal saltwater swimming pool, a meditation pavilion, gym, spa, creative studio (for artistic activities), outdoor shalas and lakeside fire pit. 

Museflower Retreat & Spa, yoga retreat, thailand retreat,
The menu is focussed on vegetarian Thai cuisine | Image courtesy of Museflower Retreat & Spa

Food Programme

Serving fresh, lacto-ovo vegetarian and healthy Thai cuisine in its ‘Soul Food Corner’, the meals at Museflower are nutritious and delicious. Using local, organic ingredients such as green peas, beans, pumpkin seeds, broccoli, soybeans and free-range duck eggs, the kitchen makes authentic Thai creations that are light and simple with lots of colours and flavours.

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Mindfully created to aid digestion and natural detoxification, the menu doesn’t contain many western staples such as bread, pastry, cheese and white sugar or coffee. Protein shakes, smoothies and superfood products are also absent. Instead, they serve has Asian dishes such as congee (rice porridge), steamed vegetables with tofu, wholesome broths and healthy (MSG-free) curries. Based on principles of permaculture, the retreat uses ‘aquaponics’ to grow fresh fruit, vegetable and herbs in its’s organic garden.

Museflower Retreat & Spa, yoga retreat, thailand retreat,
Enjoy yoga on the lake | Image courtesy of Museflower Retreat & Spa

Treatment Programme

Encouraging transformation and healing through its yoga, meditation, mindfulness and spa getaway packages, the wellness offerings at Museflower Retreat nurture wellbeing through self-discovery. Focusing on emotional and mental wellness rather than physical fitness, the retreats all support relaxation and rebalancing through back-to-nature practices (bicycle rides in the countryside, permaculture classes, stargazing at night) and self-care rituals (herbal steams, saltwater dips, flower essence healing).

Available for three, five or seven days, the programmes are designed to unplug guests from everyday stress so they can awaken inspiration and creativity. Holistic activities and therapies such as Qi Gong, Tai Chi, ‘Access Consciousness’ sessions, Reiki and ‘Hado Counselling’ (a Japanese bio-feedback therapy that measures negative energy in the body) are also available. Museflower’s spiritual retreats also include ‘soul coaching’ and ‘soul bliss’ sessions to feed the heart and spirit. 


Expect to feel… connected to nature and refreshingly ‘stripped back’ of superfluous city attachments and distractions. Museflower doesn’t offer weight loss or detox retreats, so if you’re looking for somewhere to focus on the physical or shed kilos, this isn’t the place.

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An authority on all things wellness, Rebecca is the former Editor-in-Chief of popular luxury lifestyle publication Asia Spa Magazine and the Founder of boutique consultancy The Wellness Nomad. Born in Australia and based in Asia for over a decade, she is an avid writer, traveller and certified yoga teacher whose passion for holistic health has led her to some of the world’s best resorts and healing sanctuaries. Visit her website at or email her at

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