Sangha By Octave Opens First Retreat In China

Wellness living brand Living Octave has just announced their second property, Sangha by Octave in Suzhou, China. The first of their ‘Ex-Urban Retreat’ properties collection, Sangha by Octave joins The Living Room Shanghai in their wellness collection. Creating a mindful space, the immersive retreat aims to reconnect guests to themselves and nature to enhance their mental and emotional wellness. 

Sangha by Octave, china wellness retreats
Suzhou, a town of canals | Image courtesy of Zhang Kaiyv


Sangha by Octave is a holistic wellness sanctuary, covering an area of approximately 189,000 square meters. Suzhou is often referred to as ‘The Venice of China’ with canals running through its traditionally styled streets. The resort is located beside the beautiful Yangcheng Lake, and adjacent to the ancient Chongyuan Temple.

Sangha by Octave, china wellness retreats
A space to retreat | Image courtesy of Daniel Chen

Wellness Philosophy

Combining the Chinese and Western approaches towards a mindful way of living, the retreat aims to provide a space of serenity where guests can immerse our body and soul in the embrace of nature, and eventually to rebuild a harmonious unity between one’s inner self and the outer environment.

Sangha by Octave, china wellness retreats
Made with mindfulness | Image courtesy of Sangha by Octave

Resort Overview

Sangha by Octave comprises three major sections: AT ONE, THE VILLAGE, and SANGHA HOMES. Guests seeking a wellness retreat will stay at AT ONE, where the team will provide guests with a body-mind assessment and evaluation.

THE VILLAGE is Sangha’s Interactive Learning Community Area and event space. It provides a comprehensively versatile community space for purposeful learning and living, perfect for large-scale corporate activities and wellness events.

SANGHA HOMES constitutes 108 lakeside villas, which can be purchased as private residences allowing residents to fully adapt to a well-being life journey with Octave living philosophies.

Sangha by Octave, china wellness retreats
Escape the urban rush | Image courtesy of Sangha by Octave

Wellness Programmes

The team will provide guests with a body-mind assessment and evaluation, led by an international team of medical doctors and healing experts, followed by a professional customised healing plan. Here, guests can relish long-term or short-term wellness programmes, experience the healing spa, enhancement of health awareness, and enjoy Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments, lakeside yoga, sound healing and many other unique treatments and services.

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