The Top Luxury Retreats in Europe For A Wellness Spa Weekend

The Top Luxury Retreats in Europe For A Wellness Spa Weekend

Every now and then, your body is in need of a little good old-fashioned pampering. While there’s a time and a place for a fighting fit, rigorous boot camp, there’s also always room for a treat, and sometimes it’s even possible to have both. These luxury retreats in Europe offer five-star facilities, fitness programmes and relaxing spa treatments, to leave guests feeling revived and ready to face whatever comes their way…

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1. Marbella Club

This exclusive wellness centre on the Spanish coast offers two, four and seven-day Destress and Unwind spa retreat programmes. Guests’ stays are inclusive of personal guided yoga sessions, nutritional consultations both on arrival and departure, and a de-stressing ritual, among other relaxing wellness activities and treatments. It aims to reverse the damage caused by daily stress and emotional disruptors and pressures.

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2. Lefay Resort & Spa

Since opening in 2009, Lefay Resort and Spa on Italy’s stunning Lake Garda has been revolutionising Europe’s luxury wellness scene. Voted in the top 10 spas in the world by the Traveller’s World Awards, and Condè Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards “Top 30 Resorts in Europe”, you can rest assured you’re getting excellent service in a world-class luxe environment. Offering holistic wellness programmes aimed to help you reset with spa therapies and the latest in wellness technology, this is the perfect place for a solo trip to recentre yourself.

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3. Shanti Som

Situated in Malaga in the heart of Andalucian Spain, Shanti Som is a wellbeing retreat unlike any other. Those looking for luxury need look no further; the six-night Fitness High-Intensity Retreat is inclusive of nutritional weight loss cuisine, yoga classes, guided walks, fitness training sessions and Pilates, as well as body wraps and massages. In keeping with the air of exclusivity and the spirit of a retreat, guests are encouraged to digitally detox, with WiFi only available in rooms. Retreats cost 2,099 euros per person.

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4. Clinique La Prairie

One of the perils of city living is the havoc it can wreak on your sleeping habits. If you’re stretching the purse strings for a truly luxurious spa retreat, opt for one that settles you into a nice, long slumber. Enter Clinique La Prairie. The Swiss wellness centre opened its doors in 1931 and has integrated medical and holistic approaches to wellness to treat an array of sleep disorders and ailments. The Better Sleep Programme is inclusive of consultations with neurologists and ENTs as well as psychological evaluations, helping you understand how sleep can be affected by diet, exercise, and other aspects of your daily life. Price available upon request.

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5. Castel Monastero Resort & Spa

Nestled deep in the Tuscan hills, wellness centre offers guests the chance to engage with nature. With daily walks and outdoor fitness sessions, plus scheduled therapeutic yoga classes, energising massages and a mud detox, among other treatments, this natural and gentle approach to weight loss is perfect for those looking to start their journey back to optimal health with a slow and steady approach (plus a few relaxing spa treatments thrown in, for good measure). Seven-day spa retreats cost 1,500 euros, excluding accommodation.

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