An Insider’s Guide to Wellness + Beauty in LondonAn Insider’s Guide to Wellness + Beauty in London

An Insider’s Guide to Wellness + Beauty in London

Tracey Woodward, a stalwart of the beauty industry with over 35 years of experience, has navigated a distinguished career from Clinique consultant to pivotal roles with global brands like Estée Lauder and Donna Karan. Her leadership has been instrumental in launching prestigious beauty companies in elite retail outlets such as Harrods and Harvey Nichols.

Currently, she is a board member and shareholder for ventures like Beauty Bulb and We Are Moody, while co-creating ventures such as Kalmar and serving as an Operating Partner for Cedar-Bridge Investments. We sat down with Woodward to find out where her favourite spa and wellness spots are in London, her beauty regime, and her travel essentials:

Surrenne Spa at The Emory | Image courtesy of Surrenne Spa at The Emory

What spa hotel in London do you recommend to wellness-orientated travellers and why?

I would recommend Surrenne Spa at The Emory which was introduced to me by my dear friend Athena Ko (The Gong Girl)—I’ll go anywhere she is. When you stay at the hotel you get a complimentary membership to the wellness centre, it’s uber luxurious, and the team are full of wellness wisdom. The experience really is an education into health and wellbeing. 

I also enjoy Love Supreme Yoga Studio in Ladbroke Grove, and you must check out Rebase Recovery in Marylebone when you are next in London; it’s new and exciting.

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Allertons in Leeds | Image courtesy of Allertons

What is your favourite one-stop wellness and beauty destination in the city and what treatments do you recommend there?

My favourite one-stop wellness and beauty destination is actually outside of London—it’s in Leeds and it’s called Allertons. It’s the UK’s largest super salon with everything under one roof: hair, beauty, café, retail and so much more. In London, I use the RUUBY app. I am a black label client. They do all my manicures, pedicures, Dr Levy facials, and massages at home—then I just fall into bed. For brows, I recommend Shavata at Harvey Nichols and Lashes by Vera for eyelashes. I have almost white, blonde brows and stumpy fine lashes, but both of these ladies bring my eyes alive. I visit Strip for hair removal.

Who do you see regularly for energy healing, meditation classes, workouts and other practices that keep you grounded?

I have a brilliant personal trainer called Simon at Stronger Bodies. He always works me very hard; we have been focused on building muscle since my surgery. I see therapist and spiritual healer Naomi West, and outside of this I receive intuitive support from Katie Winterbourne. When I was diagnosed with cancer of the womb, I was and continue to be supported by Dr Deepak Chopra with meditations and healing sutras. I feel very grateful to have so many individuals on speed dial who have helped and supported me throughout my life, and even more so since my diagnosis. 

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Issy’s Belgravia | Image courtesy of Issy’s Belgravia

Who do you trust with your famously wonderful hair and what products and tools do you use at home?

I have regular blow dries at Issy’s Belgravia, and my hair care products and cut are always with Michael Van Clarke in Marylebone. He cuts hair when it’s dry and there isn’t a man who knows my hair better than he does. I always use his products at home but rarely wash my own hair. When I’m feeling a little stressed I’ll have a scalp massage, and a blow dry is just the best. I also have the Revlon heated brush for when my hair needs a blast. 

Ice Rejuvenation Facial | Image courtesy of Ice Health Cryotherapy

What facialist and skincare products do you love?

I’ve been using Dr Levy skincare for more than a decade. I am always curious about products and try so many, but I always return to what works for me. I am addicted to the Ice Rejuvenation Facial at the Ice Health Cryotherapy clinic on Kensington High Street. Alla and her team can work miracles and they certainly help me get the glow factor.

The Cryo Facial gives great results and it’s definite a red-carpet facial. It gives an instant glow and lift with plumper skin. I see her for weekly body Cryo and monthly for facials, full body lymphatic, and also pain relief. Alla has saved my knees, with her magical machines. Her ethos is to reduce inflammation via cryotherapy, and build muscle through modified frequency and muscle stimulation. The two triggers in aging are inflammation and muscle loss, so I am very much focused on staying on top of my game in both of these areas. Reducing inflammation and building muscle is my main focus. From 40 onwards, we lose 2% of our muscle every year so my focus have been to build muscle for longevity. 

What beauty and wellness products can we find in your handbag and carry-on luggage?

That’s a brilliant question and sadly I don’t travel light. When it comes to selfcare, I turn to Dr Levy for their cleanser, cell matrix masque, pollution shield, intense stem cell booster serum and cream. I love the eye serum too. Also, for face protection/SPF, I use the SkinBetter Science SPF Compact and Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Primer. I love Monica Blunder for make up, lips cheeks and face, Hourglass Ambient Makeup Palette, and 19/99 Lash Tint which I also apply to my brows, with the Anastasia Dewy Set Spray. Dr Paw Paw’s Multipurpose Shimmer Balm is also an absolute essential for me. It’s a real glow up product and I always use it.

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Beat the Blues Spray | Image courtesy of Ilapothecary

My hair care includes using the Michael Van Clarke 3 More Inches, the SPF protector, and their finishing wax. For my body, I use Sisley SPF 30 only after I’ve been in the sun for 20 minutes. In my flight bag, I always travel with a Kalmar Body Oil and also when flying I take my freezing Anti Fatigue Mask. On the plane, I must have The Contour Pro by Dr Levy, my Lebon Toothpaste Cap Antibe—it’s aromatherapy for your mouth—my Suri Sonic Toothbrush, and my Ilapothecary Beat the Blues Spray. I always carry a hand cream and Dr Sebagh Lip Balm.

What apps, tech gadgets or new-wave treatments do you use and rate at the moment?

We Are Moody is a brilliant app to track your cycle, emotions, and energy levels. It’s been a great support to me, I’m also a small shareholder in the business. I use both The Contour Pro and the Thermaglow Pro by Dr Levy, as well as Facelite. Not tech related, but I have had my face and body brushed for more than 30 years. My two brushes go everywhere with me. 

Who are the doctors and specialists that you would recommend to friends and family when they need to see the best people in the business?

For hormones and female health I go to Dr Tania Adib. I have two doctors who I see when I visit my regular health retreats, Buchinger Wilhelmi and Palazzo Fiuggi

What are your favourite places to visit outdoors in London for a day of exploring and walking?

I live in South East London which has more parks and green spaces than any other part of London. Dulwich and Sydenham woods are my favourite. It’s not as morbid as it sounds but I also love Nunhead Cemetery for its beautiful nature, trees plants and birds and beautiful views over London. It’s one of London’s most stunning nature reserves. 

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Image courtesy of Palazzo Fiuggi

What are your favourite retreats a quick flight from London and why?

There are three that I go to every year. There’s Yvonne Wakes Health Retreat in France, where I do a private gut cleanse with her three exercise classes, daily walk and caffeine enemas.

Image courtesy of Tracey Woodward

Then there’s Palazzo Fiuggi near Rome, Italy which is my favourite longevity retreat, and my most favourite luxury hotel in the entire world. It’s also the location that sensitively diagnosed my cancer.

For the last 10 years I have been fasting every year with Buchinger Wilhelmi, which has locations in Lake Constance and Marbella. They coached and taught me the power of self-care and all the benefits of fasting. I honestly believe that we have to be an athlete in our own lives if we want our health span and life span to run alongside each other.

I have brilliant relationships with both my doctors at Palazzo Fiuggi and Buchinger Wilhelmi. They take time to guide you through every test, and give you a better understanding of what is happening in your body. To me, it’s a valuable education that allows me to intuitively get to know my body better. I’ve learnt the importance of prioritising my health. 

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Dervla Louli is the Founder of wellness travel portal and a Digital Editorial Consultant based in Hong Kong. She was formerly the Digital Editor of Hong Kong Tatler, the Director of Integrated Content at Edipresse Media Asia and the Managing Editor of Sassy Media Group. She has moderated events at The British Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong University and Swire Hotels, and was the youngest panel member invited to speak at the Goldman Sachs' International Luxury Conference in 2013. She is a member of the Global Shaper Community, part of the World Economic Forum and a certified yoga teacher.

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