Wellness Rituals: Julie Torp, Regional CrossFit AthleteWellness Rituals: Julie Torp, Regional CrossFit Athlete

Wellness Rituals: Julie Torp, Regional CrossFit Athlete

Norway-born and now Hong Kong-based, Julie Torp spent six years moving around the world before she landed in the 852. She was always into sport and played handball for 17 years, but it was her next passion that would really challenge her. Discovering CrossFit in 2013, Julie has now been competing internationally for the past three years (and all while studying for an MA in International Politics…). Currently the Export Manager for Norwegian eco-brand Tufte Wear in Hong Kong, Julie spends her downtime at the gym. We quiz her on her morning routine and her top tips for a balanced lifestyle. 

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“I wake up just before 7am and have a little stretch. Then I have my shot of apple cider vinegar, turmeric, ginger, lemon and honey and breakfast consisting of eggs, a bowl of oats with berries and almond milk and a green shake. I like to read the news whilst I eat. Then I get dressed, brush my teeth, plug my music in and walk through Victoria Park to my office in Causeway Bay.”


“I´m at the gym five or six days each week, for around two to three hours. I have a coach who programmes my workouts for me and I usually have a three and two-day split with active recovery on a Thursday. I like to get my training done mid-morning when Europe is still sleeping so I have the rest of the day free for work. I also find it easier to fit my meals in when I train at that time.”

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Image courtesy of Julie Torp


“You have to listen to your body. It doesn´t matter what your calendar says you should be doing if your body and mind don´t feel up to it. You also have to know when you´re just trying to be lazy and have to push through and when your body actually needs to turn things down a notch. I was also just introduced to the exercise of changing your mindset from thinking about what you should be doing, to what you could be doing—it makes for a much nicer inner conversation and less disappointment.”


“Because I work internationally I could technically work 24/7, however, I try to switch off around 8pm. I will have dinner with my boyfriend and then try to wind down by doing some reading or watching a silly TV series or not-so-silly documentary. I switch off when I can think of something other than work, even if it´s something stimulating like a good documentary. I like the input. We usually go to bed around 10pm and read for a little while before we fall asleep.”

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