Wellness Rituals: Roz McElwee, Community Pharmacist

Wellness Rituals: Roz McElwee, Community Pharmacist

A community pharmacist by trade, Ireland-based Roz McElwee’s passion for wellness is about more than just good medical health. In addition to running competitively, Roz is a core member at Pro Fitness Gym, where she has been working on shaping up and building strength with weight-training and reformers Pilates. In between her busy schedule, we quickly catch up with Roz on her daily wellness routines and rituals.

Photo courtesy of Arthur Carron


I get up at 6.30am, have a quick five-minute stretch and shower, and then eat breakfast which I never miss. I’m in the car by 7.20am for my hour commute to work, with a coffee-stop to break up the journey.


I hit the gym on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday to do a 50-minute weights sessions. On Tuesday I do a 45-minute HIIT class, and my weekends are usually reserved for either long runs, walks or pilates.

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Photo courtesy of Arthur Carron
Photo courtesy of Arthur Carron


My favourite fitness accessories are my Fitbit or my Garmin Forerunner. I could live in Nike Air Max’s: they’re pure comfort and fashion. My favourite fitness gear is my Lululemon leggings and also love Myprotein seamless leggings.


Mix up your exercise between short bursts of high intensity with walks and runs, and ensure to take time to stretch out or foam roll. For diet, stay on track 80% of the time, and don’t forget to allow yourself cheat meals: 100% isn’t sustainable.


After an hour commute home, I quickly change into my gym gear and head for a 50min gym session. Then I have dinner at home after I shower, which unfortunately tends to be quite late.


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