What Wellness Travellers Want: Compare Retreats’ 2018 Survey Report

What Wellness Travellers Want: Compare Retreats’ 2018 Survey Report

Wellness has become more than a trend. As a multitrillion-dollar industry, wellness has become a point of global concern, and the wellness travel industry continues to be the fastest-growing tourism market. The sector is far from reaching saturation-point. With more wellness retreats on offer than ever before, what is it that wellness travellers really want? Last month, we asked over 500 of our readers to tell us what they wanted in a wellness retreat—and the results are in. 

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We surveyed 504 wellness travellers between the ages of 18-76 from locations around the globe including Hong Kong, Singapore, the USA, the UK and Australia, to explore consumers’ behaviour, preferences and desires and discovered what makes wellness travellers in 2018 tick.

The survey uncovered everything from the top retreat destinations in the world, to how wellness travellers research retreats (hello, Instagram), to which demographic is most into romantic retreats. Favoured retreat types, preferred travel partners, frequency of travel, and opinions on all-inclusive options and plastic-free policies, which nine in 10 said they would rather book over a retreat without an anti-plastic policy.

One key takeaway from the report was the importance of mental health, with 62.9% of survey respondents nominating mental health as their first priority on a retreat.

To read and download the full survey report, simply enter your email below and subscribe to Compare Retreats. Which results surprised you the most?

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