You’re Invited: Compare Retreats X Fivelements Habitat Wellness Fireside Chat

You’re Invited: Compare Retreats X Fivelements Habitat Wellness Fireside Chat

One of Hong Kong’s hottest wellness openings of 2019, Fivelements Habitat is bringing some much-needed zen to the city when it officially opens its doors on July 1st 2019. In anticipation of this, Compare Retreats is hosting a fireside chat on May 21st 2019 with Fivelements at The Upper House to talk all things holistic wellness and mental health—and you’re invited.

Date: May 21st, 2019

Venue: Sky Lounge, The Upper House

Time: 19:00-21:00


or email [email protected] to save your spot

As the second wave of wellness hits Hong Kong, the focus is shifting from external and aesthetic health to a more holistic approach which places mental and spiritual wellbeing at the forefront.

Exploring topics related to mental health, self-care trends and the new Fivelements Habitat centre in Hong Kong, the conversation will be led by Compare Retreats Founder Dervla Louli. The evening will include non-alcoholic drinks and canapes from Fivelements award-winning plant-based cuisine.

On the panel are Fivelements Co-Founders Lahra Tatriele and Chicco Tatriele, (Chief Innovation Officer and Managing Director respectively) who founded Fivelements Bali together in 2007; Fivelements Habitat Wellness Curator May Nogoy, who has spent 20 years teaching yoga and founded The Garden Gathering, Hong Kong’s first wellness skillshare and festival for women; and Clinical Psychologist Professor Gerard Bodeker, a Harvard graduate who has taught medical sciences at Oxford for two decades, is adjunct professor of epidemiology at Columbia University, and currently researches and advises on integrative medicine and wellness in private sectors, governments and UN organizations, including WHO and the UN University, in addition to heading up the Mental Wellness Initiative for the Global Wellness Institute.

Download Professor Bodeker’s Mental Health White Paper here

The new space at Fivelements Habitat | Image courtesy of Fivelements Habitats

Fivelements was conceived as an integrated wellness lifestyle company who offer an opportunity for personal inspiration, awareness, and progress in the 21st century. Its focus is on designing high impact wellness strategies aimed at supporting individuals, couples and organisations through enduring life transitions and transformation and bringing about greater health and wellbeing. Fivelements Retreat Bali opened in late 2010 as the first of a new genre of wellness destinations bridging the wisdom of traditional healing cultures with innovative wellness concepts.

Fivelements will open the first Fivelements Habitat in Times Square, Hong Kong this July 2019, followed by two more locations in Hong Kong’s central business districts over the coming 18 months, and expanding to other cities in Asia thereafter.

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Become a Founding Member of Fivelements Habitat and receive the exclusive benefit of a complimentary two-night stay at Fivelements Retreat in Bali.

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Learn more about Fivelements Habitat here.


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