5 Luxury Anti-Ageing Wellness Retreats To Try In 20235 Best Luxury Anti-Ageing Wellness Retreats In The World

5 Luxury Anti-Ageing Wellness Retreats To Try In 2023

Maintaining a well-rounded skincare routine, following a healthy diet, and engaging in regular exercise are all effective ways to slow down the ageing process. However, sticking to these habits requires discipline and a long-term commitment. Occasionally, we may deviate from our goals and require a boost to get back on track.

Wellness retreats have been widely recognised as an effective means of re-establishing healthy habits and are just one avenue to help you maintain a youthful appearance in the long term. Here are our top recommendations for anti-ageing retreats to try right now:

Image courtesy of Clinique La Prairie

1. Clinique La Prairie, Switzerland

Clinique La Prairie, established in 1931, is renowned as a leading luxury health and wellness clinic globally. For those with demanding schedules, its three-night Stem Cells Beauty programme offers an excellent option. This rejuvenating package is designed to reverse the signs of ageing and enhance your youthful appearance. It comprises two consultations with an aesthetic surgeon, before and after the treatment, along with a comprehensive high-tech skin analysis, advanced blood tests with specific laboratory analysis, and additional beneficial components.

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Vilalara Thalassa Resort Portugal wellness resort
An oasis in the Algarve | Image courtesy of Vilalara Thalassa Resort

2. Vilalara, Thalassa Resort, Portugal

Experience the beauty of Portugal’s Algarve coastline by staying at the renowned Vilalara Thalassa Resort. This award-winning resort offers the three-day Re-Balance programme, which guarantees a remarkable holistic journey while incorporating effective anti-ageing techniques. During your stay, you’ll benefit from a medical consultation, oriental therapy, personalised mind and body training, invigorating Thalassa treatments, and various other rejuvenating activities.

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Image courtesy of The Farm at San Benito

3. The Farm at San Benito, The Philippines

With over 90 awards under its belt, The Farm at San Benito is one of Asia’s leading wellness retreats as it focuses on results-driven programmes. Ideal for those seeking to revive their innate radiance, their Beauty & Longevity programme offers a tailored approach to each guest. Throughout your stay, you’ll engage in a variety of activities, including yoga sessions, raw cuisine, sound healing sessions, and functional training, all designed to enhance your anti-ageing journey.

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Image courtesy of Joali Being

4. Joali Being, The Maldives

Joali Being is the Maldives’ first wellness island of its kind. It hosts a range of luxurious and immersive retreats in a serene setting by the ocean. The Reverse Ageing programme is specifically designed to address anti-ageing objectives. Available for durations ranging from five to ten nights, this programme encompasses a comprehensive array of consultations, spa therapies, herbology workshops, and various other enriching experiences, all curated to help you achieve your anti-ageing goals.

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Image courtesy of Six Senses Kaplankaya

5. Six Senses Kaplankaya, Turkey

Experience a transformative journey towards longevity at Six Senses Kaplankaya in Turkey. Its Holistic Anti-Ageing retreat combines cutting-edge advancements in nutrition, fitness, and neuroscience with the timeless wisdom of long-lived communities. This personalised programme aims to help you attain optimum balance in your life. Through a tailored approach, you will indulge in a blend of rejuvenating spa therapies while focusing on the restoration of both mind and body.

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