5 Weight Loss Retreats in Asia For Fast Results

5 Weight Loss Retreats in Asia For Fast Results

It’s hard not to think about weight when it’s coming up to the festive season. We all know the best way to lose weight and keep it off is the slow-but-steady approach, through sustained exercise and a healthy eating programme. Yes, real results take time, dedication and some good, honest hard work: but sometimes we need results, and we need them fast.

If you’re looking to start the new year on a lighter note, these quick-fix healthy holidays focus on delivering a barrage of positive advice and lessons to take away while giving you a great headstart in the process. 

Beaches, bliss, and body building | Image courtesy of Active Escapes Padang
Beaches, bliss, and body building | Image courtesy of Active Escapes Padang

Active Escapes: Bali Padang Padang

Losing weight may not be many people’s idea of a good time – you may be breaking out in a sweat just thinking about it, but getting out and active is probably the best you to have fun while doing it. At Bali’s Padang Padang—one of the island’s best-known surf spots—they truly take the work out of working out. With morning training sessions to get your heart rate going, you’ll find the time soon passing before your next outdoor activity: they’ve been known to host a paintball game or two. The trainers and instructors here pay close attention to your fitness levels, pushing you just the right amount to feel good and get results. Firm believers in the work hard, play hard motto, at Active Escapes second Bali location, you’ll wile your evening away with pampering massages and spa sessions. Prices start around US$1,990.


Don't let appearances fool you: The Spa means business | Image courtesy of The Spa Resort
Don’t let appearances fool you: The Spa means business | Image courtesy of The Spa Resort

The Spa Koh Samui: You’ve Changed My Life Detox

Staying true to their principles, The Spa Koh Samui offers detox cleanses that do just as they promise—cleansing the body of toxins and impurities and preparing you for that new and improved healthy lifestyle that awaits! This seven and a half night programme made them famous, and we can see why. The Detox: You’ve Changed My Life package will see you settling into a routine very quickly: with morning meditation and a 90-minute yoga practice followed by your daily detox drink, colonic enema, and steam or sauna session. The experienced staff on site will offer you support, particularly if you’re new to the cleansing process. CompareRetreats.com founder Dervla Louli lost 3kg in a little over a week here—talk about fast results. Prices start around US$398 per night.


This is not a drill | Image courtesy of Unit-27
This is not a drill | Image courtesy of Unit-27

Unit-27: Premium Package

Phuket’s premium CrossFit gym has definitely earned its stripes as a weight loss hub, rightfully securing their spot in this roundup. A premium package here consists of 48 fitness sessions and a seven-day membership to Primal Fitness. Classes here are aptly named—daunting though they may be, we’re here for a quick fix and this gruelling regime sounds like just the ticket.

Tempted? Choosing from the Drill Sergeant, the Kalorie Killa and the dreaded Punisher, you’ll be pushed to the limits but guaranteed to thank them later. And with small class sizes, your instructors and coaches will be able to focus on you and your body’s needs. This one’s not for the faint of heart but guaranteed to deliver the results you’re looking for. Premium packages cost around US$476.


Chiva-Som pool | Image courtesy of Chiva Som
Enjoy a side of luxe with your detox programme | Image courtesy of Chiva Som

Chiva-Som: Sustainable Slimming

Taking an entirely different approach, Hua Hin island’s Chiva-Som International Health Resort offers a fortnight-long programme which detoxes the body and cleanses the mind. This award-winning healthy holiday retreat is just a short drive from the nation’s capital, Bangkok.

With up to seven days of a strict detoxification diet, this extended slimming session also includes a nutritional consultation to help you help your body after completing your stay here. A fitness assessment will identify the exercises that work best for you, and the four personal training sessions conducted on-site will give you a working demonstration, straight from the pros. Prices start around US$14,364.


Zen out, slim down | Image courtesy of The Farm San Benito
Zen out, slim down | Image courtesy of The Farm San Benito

The Farm San Benito: Fitness

With a choice of one, two, or three-week fitness programmes at the Farm San Benito, this little slice of heaven in the Philippines offers a range of things to keep you out and active and shedding those pounds. Trekking and highlands exploration can be included at an additional expense.

Depending on the duration of your stay, experiences include health and nutritional consultations, massages, and seminars on implementing a sustainable lifestyle in the long term. Throughout your holiday at the Farm, you’ll be treated to a high-protein, alkaline diet, and on your down time, rest in your choice of luxury accommodation, including the garden glass villa – which looks as good as it sounds, we promise. Prices start around US$194 per night.


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The former Art & Culture editor at Time Out Hong Kong magazine, Amanda is a freelance lifestyle writer based in Asia's world city. Amanda grew up in Asia, loves hiking, stand up paddle boarding, and a day well spent outdoors. Her last holiday sunrise trekking along Indonesian volcanic landscapes gave her a taste of the healthy holiday bug, and she’s been on the lookout for her next great adventure ever since.

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