Amazing Grace: The Hong Kong Wellness Retreat Celebrating Women

Amazing Grace: The Hong Kong Wellness Retreat Celebrating Women

Just in time for International Women’s Day, Fivelements Hong Kong is hosting Amazing Grace, a retreat for women seeking a rejuvenating wellness experience. The four-day retreat, running from March 8-11, is a holistic health programme inspired by meditation aiming to awaken and inspire physically, emotionally and mentally. 

Better yet, the retreat for women is run entirely by women: the invited experts and practitioners are the top in their field, and together create a rounded wellness experience that combines informative talks, smart discussions, and practical energising workshops – along with Fivelements exquisite Balinese-inspired cuisine. Take a look at what to expect – and the 16 wonderful women leading this one-of-a-kind retreat. 

The Sound Healer

Gong master and sound healer Martha Collard will be kicking off the retreat, and return for all four days with her ‘Labyrinth’ walking meditation sessions. The labyrinth, repeated each day, initiates a process of letting go, receiving and consolidating: the perfect way to begin four days of wellness and soul renewal.

The Meditation Maven

Cambridge graduate and yoga teacher Caron Williamson will lead a session on The Art of Journaling and a Journey Within Meditation. She learnt the Himalayan Yoga Tradition and aims to share her transformative experiences from India.

The Yogi Veteran

Sudevi Sundari has been practising yoga for over 25 years and teaching for 20. She will lead a Hatha Yoga workshop designed to reconnect the self, and a five Rhythms Dance session, a fun session to help you let go.

The Whole Foods Nutritionist

The owner of Dragon Fitness and Coaching and an AFPA certified holistic nutritionist, Ally Van de Pol will lead a discussion on whole foods and plant-based diets, and whether veganism is right for you.

Amazing Grace Wellness Retreat Hong Kong International Women's Day
Guests will enjoy a Balinese-inspire lunch | Image courtesy of Fivelements

The Chocolatier

Australian chef and chocolate maker Priscilla Soligo will teach guests how to make organic, raw vegan chocolate cherry almond fudge bonbons, breakfast parfaits, and discuss the foods women need to eat for optimal health.

The Tea Master

When yogi Resham Daswani studied under a Zen Buddhist and Tea Master in Taiwan and found herself aligned with the lineage of Cha Dao, she became dedicated to sharing the experience with others. Leading a mindful tea ceremony to induce harmony, the ceremony will guide guests through an inner transformation.

The Media Guru

Dervla Louli – founder of, journalist and editor, yoga instructor, marathon runner and media consultant – will lead a Chill Out Hatha Yoga session. Working in digital media, Dervla understands the importance of switching off and reconnecting with yourself: expect a lot of deep stretches, slow movements, and an aura of restoration.

The Raw Chef

Founder of LotusLife TV, award-winning journalist and mental health advocate Teresa Siu has been developing her wellness practice as a yoga teacher, an integrative holistic health coach, and a raw foods chef. Her “Happy Food For Happy Moods” session will examine the impact of food on our state of mind – and work towards improving your emotional state and energy levels.

Amazing Grace Wellness Retreat Hong Kong International Women's Day
The Fivelements yoga shala | Image courtesy of Wandersnap

The Barre Expert

Karen Lim, co-founder and owner of Barre 2 Barre Hong Kong and Singapore, will hold a mini boot camp on Saturday. The results-orientated fitness regime mixes dancing, yoga and Pilates to provide fast lengthening, chiselling, and strength.

The Wellness Entrepreneur

Ifat Hindes, an award-winning wellness entrepreneur and speaker, will give an inspiring talk about working through fear. Discussing methods of soothing anxiety, conquering fear and achieving goals, the talk will give you tools to seek out the joy in your own life.

The Osteopath

Jonine Nash is giving an osteopathic approach to relaxation with a session on manual medicine. Embracing holistic techniques to alleviate pain, improve motion and encourage balanced wellbeing, this is a workshop full of healing vibes.

The Energising Yogi

Mindy Tagliente grew up with yoga, and has taught classes around the world, from Africa to Asia. Her Vinyasa Flow sessions will refresh, inspire and energise with dynamic poses that improve circulation and rejuvenate the nervous system. Expect to unleash your creativity and break your limits with this upbeat class.

Amazing Grace Wellness Retreat Hong Kong International Women's Day
Explore another world | Image courtesy of Wandersnap

The Photographer

To satiate guests emotional wellness, inspire creativity and offer new perspectives, a unique photography exhibition, silent auction and book signing with artist Bruna Rotunno will take place on Thursday and Saturday. Bruna will showcase her collection, Women in BaliThe project, a hybrid of photographic journalism and artistic works, was previously exhibited in Fivelements Bali, The Visual Arts Gallery of India Habitat Centre in New Delhi, India and the Museum of Oriental Arts in Turin, Italy.

The Body Buff

Anne Cousin has made it her mission to understand the mind-body connection. She’s a Shiatsu Practitioner, Somatic Movement Educator, Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner and Tension Release Exercise® Facilitator, all of which comes into play in her Endocrine Flow Yoga class: it’s a physiology focussed session that will pay attention to you bones, organs, endocrines systems and spine. Increasing your sensory awareness, the session will give you a renewed appreciation for motion and alignment. 

The University Lecturer

Fitness and Pilates veteran Azza Keith is a Reebok Master Trainer and lecturer on sport and fitness at Hong Kong University. Her talk will focus on women’s health and hormones, and how to balance your body and mind through exercise and nutrition. Expect tips on weight maintenance and how to avoid aging.

The Retreat Founder

The co-founder of Fivelements and co-creator of Amazing Grace Lahra Tatriele will lead the final workshop of the retreat, ‘Love in Action, Satsang‘: a thoughtful space where retreat guests can connect to one another and reflect on their experiences over the retreat and what they have learnt and gained from the sessions.

With the option to attend just for the day, or stay at the Fivelements Sai Kung resort, the retreat offers maximum flexibility for wellness warriors. See the full schedule and lineup here.

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