This Luxe Swiss Resort Has Been Defining Medical Retreats For 80 Years

This Luxe Swiss Resort Has Been Defining Medical Retreats For 80 Years

There’s not a lot of wellness retreats around the world that can boast a multi-decade record of consistent service and results, even if they practices they use are thousands of years old. Opened in 1931, Clinique La Prairie is one of Europe’s most exclusive medical retreats and has been marrying innovative science, holistic wellness and luxurious Swiss hospitality for more than eighty years. The resort has been at the forefront of medical retreats ever since: Compare Retreats checks into the renowned clinic to see how they bridge tradition and modern innovation… 

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Located in Montreux, Switzerland alongside the shores of Lake Geneva, Clinique La Prairie is a true haven of peace. Ideally positioned on the Swiss Riviera, approximately 45 minutes from Geneva airport, the resort is surrounded by manicured gardens and overlooks snow-capped mountains beyond.

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With sweeping views over the Swiss Alps, Lake Geneva, beautiful green gardens and a picturesque port, Clinique La Prairie’s stunning setting is an idyllic backdrop for its boutique lodgings. Comprised of 14 spacious rooms and suites (all with terraces), the main Château was originally built in the 19th Century but has been beautifully renovated to suit modern standards.

The retreat’s ‘Residence’ rooms total nine, while the purpose-built Medical Centre houses six post-operation suites. Elegant and light-filled, each room is tastefully decorated with white furnishings, polished wood floors, draping curtains and traditional chandelier light fittings.

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Food Programme

Clinique La Prairie believes that a healthy diet is the backbone of vibrant health and wellbeing. Subsequently, the restaurant’s nutritional dishes have been co-created by the chef and a team of expert dieticians. Made from fresh ingredients and infused with aromatic herbs, the kitchen serves up a variety of internationally inspired meals that support detoxification. Mostly vegetarian, the menu also has an extensive list of cleansing juices and superfood smoothies that are specially tailored to complement each individual’s treatment programme. 

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Treatment Programme

Based on a philosophy that supports the ‘science and art of longevity’, Clinique La Prairie’s award-winning treatment programme is based on an impressive collection of high-tech and traditional therapies. Grouped into 10 categories, packages include: ‘Revitalisation’, ‘Master Detox’, ‘Weight Management’, ‘Medical Check-up’, ‘Better Sleep’, ‘Rebalancing’, ‘Stop Smoking’, ‘Better Mobility’, ‘Beauty’ and ‘Weekend Escape’. Designed to enhance wellbeing and increase vitality, cutting-edge treatments (including genetic testing) are based on principles of preventative medicine and support holistic rejuvenation. Spanning six nights, seven days, all programmes are overseen by a team of medical experts, holistic practitioners and professional spa therapists.

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Expect to feel…like a movie star that has spent a week in the crème de la crème of Medi-Spa’s. Clinique La Prairie’s medical services are far-reaching and span 35 clinical departments, including cardiology, orthopaedics, endocrinology, neurology, psychiatry and gynaecology, so make sure you investigate the medical centre if you have any chronic health issues.

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