Compare Retreats Tries: The Mandarin Spa’s Hypervolt Massage Therapy With Passive Stretching

Compare Retreats Tries: The Mandarin Spa’s Hypervolt Massage Therapy With Passive Stretching

Nestled in the heart of Central district, The Mandarin Spa (housed at the luxury Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong) is an urban oasis escape. A tranquil destination with a five-star ethos, the spa offers state-of-the-art facilities, excellent service and a calming environment. From 1 June until 31 August 2020, The Mandarin Spa has introduced a new massage therapy with Hypervolt technology. Compare Retreats’ Business Executive and Editor Faye Bradley took a break from the city bustle to try the latest technology and to relieve sore muscles for a much-needed pampering.

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Spa Facilities

Located on the 24th floor of Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong, The Mandarin Spa stretches generously over two floors for added comfort. There’s an Asian-inspired décor throughout, reminiscent of the hotel’s longstanding 50 year heritage. The spa holds nine treatment rooms in total, including two couples’ suites with private vitality pools for total seclusion. The spa also features a tea lounge for post-treatment relaxation, a Chinese herbal tea steam room, a jacuzzi for men and a tepidarium for women, a sauna and a spa boutique. 

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I hadn’t heard of the HyperVolt technology prior to my visit, but it’s pretty evident that massage tools have come a long way since it was first introduced using hand therapy and hot stones. That’s not to say these aren’t as effective—in fact, Thai massages are known to be one of the most relaxing and effective treatments on the spa menus. After an initial consultation with my therapist, Toby (a senior therapist at The Mandarin Spa), I changed into a sports top and shorts, as the treatment would be focused on arms, legs and back. I was introduced to the five different machine head attachments—each was aimed at different joints and muscles in the body. Toby also explained that the machine was typically used for athletes and gym-goers, but could be used by anyone with any general body aches and pains. 

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I lay down and the treatment began. Starting with my arms, Toby used the HyperVolt to target different parts of my forearm and bicep to relieve muscle pain, stiffness and soreness. The machine itself is extremely powerful—it can go up to 3,200 percussions per minute. I was surprised that the after-effect wasn’t too itchy after the first few minutes—as Toby mentioned this was a common effect due to the increase of motion and circulation with blood flow. He then started working on my shoulders which were really tight from hunching and working at a desk. The soreness was a bit more notable here but it was needed in order to relieve the aching on my upper back and shoulders. Lastly, Toby worked on my legs which were completely free of discomfort—that’s because I stretch quite a lot with my calves and thighs. Throughout the 60-minute treatment, my therapist conducted passive stretching which was used to aid my flexibility and body functioning. It was also an effective way to break from the powerful HyperVolt vibrations and to enhance and complement the treatment.

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The experience is meant to resemble a deep-tissue massage, and given the after-effects, my body felt much more flexible and relieved. Using the HyperVolt is meant to warm up and cool down the body to prime it for a good workout (or relax it post-workout) to return oxygen to your muscles effectively and essentially aid recovery. The stiffness in my muscles and joints felt more mobile and since I’d been to the gym the day before, my body felt more at ease from the passive stretching (which I usually forget to do when working out). A state-of-the-art vibrational massage device with effects, this tool is ideal for improving mobility and motion, and The Mandarin Spa’s treatment, aided with passive stretching, is a go-to for those going to the gym and office.

The Mandarin Spa’s Hypervolt Massage Therapy will be available from 1 June until 31 August 2020.

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