10 Natural Herbal Remedies To Take While Travelling

10 Natural Herbal Remedies To Take While Travelling

People travel near and far in search of the perfect wellness retreat, which can often mean your search for rest and relaxation can get off to a tiring start. Long-haul travel opens up an entirely new world of experiences, but it does bring with it some significant burdens. Thankfully, with enough preparation and a carry-on in tow, you can deal with the effects using nothing but natural products. Here are some of our favourite herbal remedies for perfect health while travelling.  

Lavender essential oil

This popular aromatherapy scent has been used for centuries as a relaxant in its many forms, such as oils, balms and dried flowers. A small, travel-sized bottle of essential oil comes in handy for any frequent traveller that struggles with anxiety while flying or is in search of a little boost to get that good night’s sleep in check.

Activated charcoal tablets

This has long been a popular ingredient in skincare products but recently a trend has seen people ingesting the product for its detoxifying capabilities. Available as tablets or as a powder added to foods and drinks, the remedy is activated with heat which makes it cling to toxins in your body, drawing them out. Activated charcoal tablets have been used by physicians as a treatment for a drug overdose, but as a relatively new trend, it’s best to check with your doctor before beginning to take this supplement.

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Tea tree oil

This distilled essential oil contains natural antiseptic properties, and is great to treat bumps and bruises (as long as the wound isn’t open). It also functions as an all-natural insect repellent, perfect for holidays out in tropical climates or when you plan on getting a sweat on outdoors. It can be applied topically or dispelled through a diffuser by adding water.

Tiger Balm

This closely guarded family recipe has become a worldwide phenomenon and cure-all. People use tiger balm to treat everything from muscle cramps and headaches to insect bites and sea-sickness. Simply rub the balm on the area in question and breathing in the heady smell of menthol and cloves – a little goes a long way, and a travel-sized tub can last years. 

Coconut oil

Coconut oil isn’t out of place in most health-conscious kitchens, but it’s also a popular staple in many a bathroom cupboard. Its moisturising properties make this an ideal remedy for long-haul flights and the havoc they can wreak on hair and skin. It also makes for a great spread on toast in the morning, as an alternative to the pre-packaged butter on your breakfast tray.

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Chamomile tea 

It’s a closely guarded secret among cabin crew that in-flight coffee and tea are no-go zones. Aside from any scaremongering, caffeine can be dehydrating at the best of times, and if you want to arrive happy, healthy, and hydrated for your fitness holiday, we’d steer clear. Herbal teas like chamomile promote relaxation and sleep, and can calm anxious travellers in the process.

Ginger chews

Not quite the stemmed ginger you’d find in a decadent dessert, ginger chews can be found in health food stores worldwide, as well as across online platforms like iHerb. They’ve been known to quell nausea thanks to their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s best to opt for a brand that’s been recognised by the FDA or similar accreditation board.


When you travel the world in search of the best healthy, healing holidays, the last thing you want is to spend a day in bed struggling to adjust to your new time zone. Chemically formulated sleeping pills are risky and can leave you with a hangover-like feeling the next day. Natural sleeping supplements like melatonin (a naturally occurring hormone that regulates sleeping patterns) can be taken pre-and post-travel, to help the body clock stay ticking on time.

Epsom salts

Though not quite an in-flight remedy, Epsom salts are the ultimate relaxation tool and a great addition to a post-travel routine, especially if you’ve just taken part in a gruelling fitness regiment. Packed full of magnesium, an Epsom bath can relieve aching joints and tired muscles, leaving you ready to face the day ahead and continue on your wellness journey.

Flax seeds

High in protein, dietary fibre and healthy omega fats, flax seeds are the holy grail of grains. Thought to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, they also aid digestion and can help control hunger pangs while travelling—especially helpful when you’re looking to avoid aeroplane food which is known to be high in sodium and additives. 

Amanda Sheppard

The former Art & Culture editor at Time Out Hong Kong magazine, Amanda is a freelance lifestyle writer based in Asia's world city. Amanda grew up in Asia, loves hiking, stand up paddle boarding, and a day well spent outdoors. Her last holiday sunrise trekking along Indonesian volcanic landscapes gave her a taste of the healthy holiday bug, and she’s been on the lookout for her next great adventure ever since.

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