Holistic Health: Numerologist Corie Chu On The Magic Of Numbers

Holistic Health: Numerologist Corie Chu On The Magic Of Numbers

Much like it’s star-struck sibling astrology, numerology is having a resurgence among wellness warriors seeking more spiritual, alternative practices. Numerology involves reading and deriving meaning from number patterns, and then applying it to your life. Hong Kong energy healer, Reiki Master, and certified Numerologist Corie Chu shares with Compare Retreats everything you need to know about magic numbers and reading between the lines. 

numerology holistic health alternative therapies
Image courtesy of Corie Chu

For complete newbies: what is numerology and what does it have to do with wellness? Numerology is the study of numbers and their energetic vibrations, either as a standalone number or from a combination of them. Imagine there is a dictionary, but instead of words, it’s for numbers. Each number has a general definition and what we do is explore its synonyms and antonyms to see how they are relevant to you. It’s a practical tool for self-discovery and understanding your relationship with others. It works great for businesses too.

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When and why did you start using numerology? It’s funny, I was always bad at math, but even as a child, I always noticed any interesting number patterns. Numbers would appear in my dreams too as if they wanted to tell me something so I took these recurring incidents as a sign and dove into Numerology. I was formally introduced to it in 2009 by my first spiritual teacher whilst I was living in Los Angeles, and then a few years later, I met another Numerology teacher who I trained within a more modernised system that was inspired by Yogi Bhajan, a well-known guru who introduced Kundalini Yoga to the West.

numerology holistic health alternative therapies
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How are numerology and other wellness practices related and how can they be used together? There are definitely a number of wellness practitioners who combine astrology and numerology together. My very first spiritual teacher’s teacher is an astrologist and numerologist who lives in Sedona, Arizona. I am not as familiar or attracted to astrology myself (yet) so I keep the modalities rather separate but they can definitely compliment each other.

From the last Numerology teacher I trained with, he had inspired me to look into beyond numbers and into the five elements. He had studied Integrative Medicine and found that there were a lot of correlations between numerology and the five elements which could help us preemptively identify areas of concern in the body. I started doing some more research and found that there were indeed a lot of correlations between the five elements (i.e if you have too much earth, water, fire, mental or air and which areas of the body to pay more attention to and such.) I am currently studying the relationship between enneagrams and numerology which has been fascinating and I’m hoping I’ll have more to share with everyone soon on my website.

How is numerology used in every-day life? By looking at the numerology chart for each day, we’re able to see how the energy flows for all of us around the globe. We’re able to see what are the types of challenges may occur during the day, and the numerology chart gives us multiple solutions as to how to find balance within the chaos. 

numerology holistic health alternative therapies
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What are the benefits, and what can people expect from using it? By creating a numerology birth chart, we are essentially able to look at a blueprint of who you were, who you are now and who you want to be. The numbers and their specific positions in a birth chart can help us understand our life’s challenges, identify our strengths and weaknesses, talents, what our life purpose is and additionally, tips for how to get there. It helps us see the big picture, which we can then create goals and action steps towards, so it’s fabulous for personal and professional development.

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Is there such a thing as a lucky number? How can people find their lucky number? Not really but I do find that if people have a favourite number, it’s often reflected in their birth chart. And instead of a lucky number, most people only want to know what their life purpose number is, so in that case, it’s your birth date: month + day of birth + year added together as individual digits. All numbers above 11 get reduced to a single digit number by adding the extra digits together. 

For example, December 6, 1984 (12/6/1984) would be: 1+2+6+1+9+8+4 = 31 -> 3+1 = 4

And then the next question is almost always, “What does that mean?” which you can find more about on my website and in upcoming classes/workshops soon.

numerology holistic health alternative therapies
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What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in your life in your own experience of numerology? Numerology has really given me a huge change in perspective. Every time I look at my chart, I see something different. My life challenge number is a “4” (people born in April) so sometimes I’m a little too controlling, I stress about the details, I get OCD about being clean, about being on time… So I’ve learnt to embrace another number in my chart, the number “3” which is more of a happy-go-lucky, go-with-the-flow attitude which has taught me to relax more.

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What is the biggest misconception about numerology? The biggest misconception about numerology is that it is commonly mistaken as a form of fortune telling. Numerology does not tell you what your destiny is or that what shows up in your reading is a sealed deal. It is purely based on free will. 

Which resources would you recommend for anyone looking to get into it numerology? For a basic understanding of Numerology, there’s a platform called Numerologist.com that is pretty good and fun to use. My last Numerology teacher also wrote a book called Ho’olokahi Numerology which is great for anyone serious about understanding the foundation of Numerology which you can order off Amazon.

Find out more about Corie Chu and her alternative wellness practices on coriechu.com

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