Hyphae Labs’ Scientific Director Ian M. Bollinger On Psychedelics

Hyphae Labs’ Scientific Director Ian M. Bollinger On Psychedelics

There’s a growing recognition on the benefits of psychedelics, from how it can treat mental health conditions to using it to overcome addictions. More research is being conducted and there are even a plethora of psychedelic wellness retreats available in countries where it’s legal. But one of the issues that is yet to be addressed is the stigma behind the substance—and it’ll only take time before the conversation becomes easier. Much like sex, some people still shy away from the topic of psychedelics. But as Ian. M Bollinger puts it, it’s all about to “know” the topic not just saying “no” to any conversation. We speak to the scientific director of Hyphae Labs, a pioneer in psilocybin potency testing that aids consumers and producers in better utilising fungal medicines, on the world of mushrooms and its benefits.

Can you tell us about yourself and how you got into the world of mushrooms? I went to college in the panhandle of Florida where a number of wild mushrooms grow; I harvested them with a number of friends and was exposed to some of the most important lessons I’ve learned in my life which impact my actions to this day.

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What was your first psychedelic experience? My first experience with psychedelics was with a group of close friends. We had a day-long planned experience with music, activities and fresh watermelon.

What research are you currently working on in the field of psychedelics? We at Hyphae Labs are currently engaged in R&D mushroom testing, home test kit development, and provide the science backbone for the Psilocybin Cup.

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What are some common misconceptions on psychedelics? A common misconception is that people think psychedelics ‘work’ on you. In fact, I am more inclined to believe that psychedelics don’t do anything but shift your perspective; as a whole, you as an individual are doing the ‘work’.

Can you tell us some of the benefits of shrooms? Mushrooms are a completely natural path to ‘changing one’s mind’; whether they be in a microdose form for insight and creativity, a recreational form for energy and engagement, or a microdose for spiritual or therapeutic use.

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How can we open up the conversation on psychedelics? To open up the conversation on psychedelics, we need to create a space to listen to people’s questions and do our best to provide educational resources; when it comes to psychedelics it is ‘know’ not ‘no’.

What’s next for you at Hyphae Labs? We have The Spring and Fall Psilocybin Cups this year and we are also finalising the development of the home test kit.

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