Sustainable Social Venture Green Monday Launches In Singapore

Sustainable Social Venture Green Monday Launches In Singapore

Hong Kong-based social initiative and plant-based lifestyle advocates Green Monday launched last week in Singapore, their first base beyond Hong Kong.  Launched in Hong Kong in 2012, Green Monday has been raising awareness of the correlation between animal product consumption and climate change since day one, which has become more important than ever with the UN’s recent global warming forecast report.


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Championing plant-based foods for their reduced environmental impact, Green Monday’s campaigns across Hong Kong led by David Yeung has helped Hong Kong move closer towards to a more sustainable eating culture with 1.6 million people in the city now adopting plant-based eating at least one day per week.

The initiative has been responsible for introducing a huge number of innovative protein-alternative products to Hong Kong via its venture arm, Green Common, including Beyond Meat, Omnipork, JUST, Gardein and Daiya.

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After the success of the initiative in Hong Kong, Green Monday is now expanding out to Singapore. “Given the striking similarities economically and socially between Hong Kong and Singapore, not to mention the latter being one of the leading energy and technology hubs in Asia Pacific, Singapore is a natural choice for us to further spread the plant-based movement,” said Green Monday Founder David Yeung. “We are extremely delighted to see how the plant-based sphere in Singapore has been gaining momentum since the launch of the game-changing Beyond Burger in August. We are excited that Singaporeans truly embrace this lifestyle for the environment, health and animal reasons and we plan to bring our movement to other South East Asian countries next year.”

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Green Monday’s partner restaurant programme helps F&B partners to provide at least two plant-based options on their menu—which thanks to their suppliers and the rising interest in plant-based dining is easier than ever. The programme currently works with 20 restaurants and hospitality groups in the region, with over 80 outlets, including Grand Hyatt Singapore, Plaza Premium Lounge, Open Farm Community, and Michelin-recommended Whole Earth.

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Plant-based produce for home cooking will also be available at various retailers: Beyond Meat can be bought at Four Seasons Organic Market, Habitat, Honestbee online and RedMart in late 2018, while Omnipork will be on sale early in 2019.

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