The Best Wellness Travel Instagram Accounts to Follow

The Best Wellness Travel Instagram Accounts to Follow

Travelling to a far-flung island retreat or jungle yoga sanctuary sounds perfect right about now. As the pandemic begins to ease (with some talks of potential travel bubbles in the air), we’re all dreaming of our next best destination. Here are some wellness wanderlust Instagram travel accounts to follow for inspiration in the meantime…

Image courtesy of Caitlin Turner

Caitlin Turner

Caitlin Turner is a yoga teacher, entrepreneur and jetsetter with a portfolio filled with travel wellness inspiration. Looking to practice your warrior pose in one of the most stunning destinations? Try Kauai, as Caitlin would approve.

Follow @itscaitlinturner on Instagram

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Image courtesy of Lindsey Calla

Lindsey Calla

Based in Santa Fe, Lindsey Calla is an artist and photographer with decades of experience in the media industry. The creative influencer has a dedicated story highlight on her wellness retreat experiences which will transport and inspire you for your next healthy holiday. 

Follow @lindseycalla on Instagram

Image courtesy of Mary Tilson

Mary Tilson

Avid yogi and Compare Retreats Wellness Expert Mary Tilson has travelled the world teaching yoga in the most beautiful places. She has served as the head yoga teacher at Hariharalaya Yoga & Meditation Retreat Center in Cambodia and was the Yoga & Wellness Director at Nihi Sumba. Unsurprisingly, her feed is filled with inspiring wellness moments, from the plains of Africa to the serene Maldives.

Follow @marytilson on Instagram

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Image courtesy of Lakey Peterson

Lakey Peterson

Surfing advocates most likely already follow Lakey Peterson on Instagram. The professional surfer challenges the shores in some of the most stunning locations. Find yourself in the beach mood by scrolling through Lakey’s top surfing spots.

Follow @lakeypeterson on Instagram

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Image courtesy of Mii Amo

Chinmoy Lad

Self-proclaimed #amanjunkie Chinmoy Lad photographs wellness retreats from across the globe and writes reviews on his blog The Suite Life. Find inspiration and insider tips on the world’s best hotels and suites—and get some wanderlust by glancing at his lively Instagram feed.

Follow @chinmoylad on Instagram

Image courtesy of Rosemary Vandenbroucke

Rosemary Vandenbroucke

Hong Kong-based Compare Retreats Expert Rosemary Vandenbroucke showcases her yoga poses all across the city and beyond. The certified instructor and holistic health coach often captures her moments on the beach but can also be found at wellness retreats in Bali.

Follow @rosemary_vdb on Instagram

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Image courtesy of Selin Uzdil

Selin Uzdil

Lawyer by weekday, traveller by weekend, Selin Uzdil lives the wellness wanderlust’s dream. At only 28 years old, she has visited over 70 countries—and many wellness hotels including Fivelements Bali (pictured). 

Follow @trendandtravel on Instagram

Faye Bradley

Faye Bradley is the editor and business development manager at Compare Retreats. She is an avid writer, editor, illustrator and yogi who is passionate about all things wellness, travel and the arts.

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