New Wellness Retreats At Aman To Add To Your 2021 Calendar

New Wellness Retreats At Aman To Add To Your 2021 Calendar

Immunity boosting, clean diets and being at-one with nature—these are just some of the things that wellness seekers look for at far-flung destinations. In a bid to welcome back wellness travellers from across the globe, luxury hotelier Aman launches a range of new outdoor wellness retreats and experiences this year at its constellation of properties. Here are the ones to add to your 2021 calendar…

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Journey to Peace

The concept of peace is the very essence of Aman and the meaning of the brand’s Sanskrit name. This year, Aman will host four enlightening Journey to Peace retreats at select tranquil properties across the globe. Led by Buddhist monk and mindfulness coach Master Geshe YongDong (Gesha La), guests can choose to stay from three to six nights. 

Each Journey to Peace Retreat includes daily Tsa Lung breathwork, meditation and a daily 90- minute group training session. The programmes include an Aman Signature spa treatment upon arrival and a daily 90-minute evening chanting session, mantra recitation and meditation. The Journey to Peace retreat includes accommodation and full board, with optional daily group movement classes and complimentary airport transfers. The comprehensive three-night retreat includes an additional daily 90-minute group training session.

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  • As it is Retreat: Amanpuri, Phuket (19 – 25 October) / Amansara, Cambodia (1 – 7 November)—this retreat will take place in Amanpuri in Phuket and at Amansara in Cambodia. The six-night retreat teaches guests to leave everything ‘as it is’ without judgement. Geshe La will guide participants through the art of letting go in a transformative journey towards finding clarity.
  • Silent Retreat: Amanoi, Vietnam (14 – 17 October) / Amantaka, Laos (18 – 21 November)—aiming to focus on the four foundations of mindfulness, the Silent Retreat takes guests away from the noise and distractions of everyday life. The shorter three-night programme takes place in Vietnam or Laos and brings awareness to the body and the senses.
  • Living in the Moment Retreat: Aman Sveti Stefan, Montenegro (27 September – 3 October) / Amankora, Bhutan (24 – 30 November)—this six-night retreat will take place on the beautiful islet of Sveti Stefan in Montenegro and in the spiritual kingdom of Bhutan, where Geshe La will offer an emotional journey through ancient Bon traditions and guidance.

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Extreme Sports Retreats

Aman has curated a series of Extreme Sports Retreats for active and adventurous wellness seekers. Each retreat will draw in the ethereal surrounding landscapes of each resort, offering guests with a carefully-curated itinerary of exhilarating outdoor activities to challenge one’s mental and physical stamina.

Each three-night retreat includes daily breakfast, a beach run, a jungle run, a Sunset Breeze yoga session, a Sunset Yin yoga session, a scuba diving excursion, a hike to Mount English, a 50-minute Holistic Massage, an open sea swim, a kitesurfing session, a freediving excursion and daily group wellness activities. All activities are guided by expert instructors.

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Each four-night retreat includes morning stretching classes and a daily extreme fitness activity. All meals and a tailored meal plan are also included, as well as two 60-minute Deep Tissue Massages, a 60-minute Thai Stretching Massage and a 90-minute Aman Signature Spa Treatment.

Each five-night Extreme Sports Retreat includes a bespoke meal plan, a 30-minute wellness orientation, a 3D scan and a 30-minute consultation with a physiotherapist. The retreat also includes two 30-minute stretching sessions, a 90-minute guided cycling in nature experience or a guided practice bike ride on the triathlon course ahead of the event, and a post-race consultation with a doctor and an energy-boosting IV drip. In addition, guests will be offered a 90-minute Aman Signature Massage, two 90-minute Deep Tissue Massages, a 90-minute Deep Tissue or Foot Massage or a 60-minute physiotherapy session, and a 90- minute Thai Massage at The Aman Spa. Each retreat will also include two 60-minute beach yoga sessions.

Each six-night retreat includes a daily morning yoga or stretching class, and a daily extreme fitness activity. Accommodation and all meals (excluding alcoholic beverages) are included, as well as four 60-minute spa treatments. All activities are guided by expert instructors.

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  • Extreme Mountain Sports Retreat: Rosa Alpina, Italy (12 – 18 June)–in the heart of Dolomites Mountain Range, Rosa Alpina’s six-night retreats invites guests to discover the dramatic valleys and snow-capped peaks surrounding the hotel. The Extreme Mountain Sports Retreat offers a challenging, high-altitude uphill Skyrunning and mountain biking experience.
  • Extreme Rock-Climbing Retreat: Rosa Alpina, Italy (20 – 26 June)—in the heart of Dolomites Mountain Range, Rosa Alpina’s six-night retreats invites guests to discover the dramatic valleys and snow-capped peaks surrounding the hotel. The Extreme Rock-Climbing Retreat includes climbing excursions for seasoned experts on the region’s numerous renowned rock formations. 
  • Extreme Desert and Mountain Sports Retreat: Amanjena, Morocco (15 – 31 October)—located just outside Marrakech, Amanjena is a lush oasis of palm and olive trees. The four-night Extreme Desert and Mountain Sports Retreat introduces guests to the serene surroundings.

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  • The Laguna Phuket Triathlon Retreat: Amanpuri, Thailand (18 – 23 November)—this retreat takes guests to the peaceful Amanpuri resort in Phuket for a five-night stay which focuses on athletes competing in Asia’s longest running triathlon. Guests will learn to achieve peak physical health ahead of the triathlon and will get a bespoke itinerary to prepare for the challenge.
  • Extreme Water Sports Retreat: Amanpulo, The Philiippines  (3 – 6 December / 10 – 13 December / 17 – 20 December)—embark on a private island retreat at Amanpulo, accessible only by private plane. Upon arrival, guests are greeted with an abundance of water activities to retreat and challenge themselves with a new Watersport.

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And more….

  • Advanced Yoga Retreat: Amanbagh, India (7 – 14 October)—in the Aravalli Hills of rural Rajasthan, Amanbagh offers guests a secluded stay with a wellness-oriented approach. The seven-night Advanced Yoga Retreat offers a unique experience for well-seasoned yogis. (The seven-night retreat includes all meals, a full-body massage and an orientation workshop on the day of arrival, as well as daily guided group yoga and meditation sessions, cultural excursions, educational talks, self study time (material provided), and a final evaluation and one-on-one catch up with the Yoga Master prior to departure).
  • Medicinal Herb Garden and Ayurveda Traditional Medicine Immune Support Retreat: Amanbagh, India (year-round)—this year-round retreat uses medicinal plants from the resort’s 1.5-hectare organic garden to teach guests with the fascinating world of these plants and how they are used in Ayurveda. (The Ayurveda Traditional Medicine Immune Support Retreat is available for a minimum of four-nights. The programme includes a wellness consultation on arrival, as well as daily private movement sessions and a daily immune-supporting wellness treatment. In addition, guests can enjoy daily morning group yoga classes and guided sunrise walks, and daily prescribed healthy immune-boosting juices and herbal teas. On departure, a final wellness consultation will be offered to every guest. Accommodation and full board are included).

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  • Holistic Immune Support Retreat: Amangiri, Utah (12-15 November)—in the vast landscape of Utah, Amangiri is a serene destination for immune boosting, restoring balance and increasing wellbeing. The Holistic Immune Support Retreat guides guests through nature to experience the healing benefits of healing herbs and wellness practices. (The three-night retreat includes a group orientation and a crystal sound bath meditation session on arrival. Guests will also enjoy a daily group circuit-training workout class and a post-workout breathwork session, as well as complimentary access to the resort’s Aman Spa and hydrotherapy facilities. In addition, the programme includes daily anti-inflammatory healthy juices and vitamin IV drips, and a bespoke meal plan incorporating immune-strengthening produce. Accommodation and full board are included, with complimentary return airport transfers from Page in Arizona).
  • Misogi Retreat: Aman Tokyo (year-round)—Set high in the clouds, Aman Tokyo’s 2,500-square-metre Aman Spa covers two floors and is the largest in the city. The three-night Misogi Retreat combines bodywork, nutrition, mindfulness and meditation to achieve deeper transformation. (The three-night retreat includes a wellness orientation on arrival, as well as a welcome kit comprising a mindfulness book, a journal and a Shakyo set. The programme also includes a yoga or stretching session, three morning meditation or breathing exercise classes, two mindfulness training sessions, an excursion to a temple to experience a public Ogoma ritual, two Kodo sessions, two Japanese traditional craft lessons, and two 60-minute Acupuncture treatments. Additionally, accommodation, all meals, a daily health juice or tea, a wellness minibar, late check-out and complimentary return airport transfers are also included).
  • The Healing Power of Toij Retreat: Amanemu, Japan (November 2020 – April 2021)—set within the verdant forests of Ise Shima National Park, Amanemu is a holistic healing sanctuary which draws its inspiration from Japan’s Toji bathing traditions. “Toji” translates to hot water cure in English and is widely recognised by the nation as a rejuvenating treatment. (The two-night retreat includes accommodation and daily breakfast, a 30-minute lesson on Toji bathing, a two-hour private Onsen bathing experience in the Aman Spa, and a healthy Wa-box for lunch).

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