This Award-Winning Luxury Wellness Retreat Just Released An Album

Dancing to its own beat, Four Seasons Sayan Resort in Bali has just released an album of wellness-inspired music. After its chanting and song-infused wellness sessions with the resort’s resident wellness mentor and former Buddhist nun, Ibu Fera, struck a chord with guests, the resort decided to compile it into an album for guests to take home.

Four Seasons Sayan, bali resorts, bali wellness retreats
Image courtesy of Four Seasons Sayan

It’s not as kooky as it sounds. Sound healing has been a practice in many cultures for centuries, and gong baths and crystal singing bowls are making a comeback as meditative practices surge in popularity. The album, The Sacred Nap, is a compilation of songs and mantras by Fera, and was recorded and produced by Bali-based music producer Gus Till, who has worked with the likes of Michael Hutchence and Jamiroquai.

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Four Seasons Sayan—the only hotel on the island to be listed on Conde Nast Traveller’s 2020 Gold List—continues to innovate on new wellness trends and concepts, and this album has become the latest addition to its programming. The album is named after the Sacred Nap wellness experience available at the property, where guests are cocooned in aerial hammocks and nap while Fera sings soothing lullabies. 

Four Seasons Sayan, bali resorts, bali wellness retreats
Image courtesy of Four Seasons Sayan

“The Sacred Nap as an experience is so beautiful, so unique. The kindness and sweetness of Fera’s voice sounds like a mother singing to a child, and this appeals to us all as adults as it reminds us of a mother’s unconditional love,” says Luisa Anderson, Regional Spa Director for Four Seasons Asia-Pacific. “All guests comment on Fera’s soothing voice, saying they wished they could take it home with them. So we decided to make that possible, by creating an album inspired by the experience and sound journey.”

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Anderson added to the soundtrack with crystal singing bowls, while producer Till stayed up late recording the sounds of nature for the album: “I stayed up several nights in a row at Sayan, perched by the river to record the ambient sounds of frogs, cicadas, running water and birdsong,” says Till. 

Guests can now end their retreat on a high note, as the album is available to purchase at the resort’s on-site Sacred River Spa Boutique, so the soothing sounds of the Balinese jungle can help you relax wherever you are. 

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