5 Virtual Therapy Platforms For Remote Mental Wellbeing

5 Virtual Therapy Platforms For Remote Mental Wellbeing

Whether its cost, stigma, or access, many of us struggle to get the help we need when it comes to our mental health: World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that while one in four of us will experience poor mental health in our lifetime, up to two-thirds of them won’t seek help. But online counselling is helping to combat this issue, and there’s no problem too big or small to be tackled in the virtual therapist’s office. These are some of the best virtual therapy platforms around right now to keep your mental health in top shape from home.

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With over a million users worldwide, TalkSpace is one of the top virtual therapy platforms available right now, and pairs clients up with trained counsellors, providing therapy services online for individuals, couples, teens, as well as a dedicated service for employers to enhance their workplace offerings. With the current heightened anxiety about Covid-19, TalkSpace also has an anxiety management programme to help support you through it from afar. 

Find out more: talkspace.com


This virtual counselling service offers online therapy for individuals, couples and teens, with over 7,000 counsellors to choose from: psychologist, therapists and clinical social workers who all have a minimum of  3 years and 2,000 hours of experience. Dealing with issues from depression to stress to relationships, there’s a variety of counsellors specialising in areas like LGBT+ or family therapy so you can find a counsellor tailored to you.

Find out more: betterhelp.com


This virtual therapy platform offers users a chance to talk about a variety of niche mental health problems, like postpartum depression and women’s wellbeing, as well as mental health disorders like depression, bipolar, and addiction. Partnered with a trained therapist, users will have access to video and phone calls as well as chat messaging on a weekly subscription.

Find out more: rethinkmytherapy.com

Pride Counselling

Those in the LGBTQ+ community are more likely to suffer from mental health issues like depression and anxiety, so Pride Counselling is answering that need with dedicated virtual therapy services for LGBTQ+ people. Providing a safe space to talk and message, the licensed therapists on the team offer affordable and accessible therapy wherever you are.

Find out more: pridecounseling.com


This is one for the couples. ReGain helps those looking to improve their relationships and get struggling couples back on the right track. It’s open to both couples who want to do therapy together, or individuals look for counselling and advice on relationships. You’ll be paired with a licensed therapist, trained to help with relationship issues from marriage to family to friends. 

Find out more: regain.us

BONUS: Ayana Therapy

While its services are not available in full yet, we’re excited about Ayana’s virtual therapy offerings, expected to launch in full later this year. Specifically designed to help marginalised communities, Ayana’s therapists provide mental health help to minorities, bringing a deeper understanding of cultural nuances and stigmas to make sure that everyone can get the help they need.

Find out more: ayanatherapy.com

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