Wellness Rituals: Heanney McCollum, Personal TrainerWellness Rituals: Personal Trainer Heanney McCollum

Wellness Rituals: Heanney McCollum, Personal Trainer

Leaving a corporate job to pursue a healthier lifestyle, Hong Kong-based holistic lifestyle coach and personal trainer Heanney McCollum now shares her passion for fitness and nutrition with personal training clients, women-only boot camps and corporate group sessions. We chat with Heanney about the wellness rituals she uses day-to-day to keep her emotionally and physically well.

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“My day starts with cuddles with my hubby and my dog, Bondi, down two glasses of water, a 10-20mins meditation, a hot matcha or dandelion latte (no caffeine), journal, take my fruit and veggie supplements, take Bondi for a walk, have breakfast and get ready for work.”


“I don’t have much of a workout routine right now because my schedule is quite full, but I try to squeeze in at least three yoga classes a week, plus a barre or megaformer class.”


My self-love rituals include baths, reading, massages, play some good music. Otherwise, I like to hang by the water, like the beach on Middle Island with my dog.”

Image courtesy of Heanney McCollum


“Find a morning routine that suits you and sets your day up for success. Learn to manage your stress, practice self-love: I have a free ebook that can help with that. Over-exercising also cause stress to the body, so don’t go too hard: it’s important to find an exercise that you feel good doing and look forward to doing. Balance the yang workouts with some yin yoga or meditation. Quit the diet mentality and make healthy swaps instead: little changes in your food habits can go a long way. I have many healthy recipes that could help you in the kitchen. Last but not least, rest. People neglect this part, it’s just as important as moving your body. Make sure you get eight hours of sleep, go to bed earlier, unwind with essential oils or a book to prepare yourself for a dreamy sleep.”


“Usually, I’m in bed by 9:30pm. I read for an hour or so, and drift to sleep.”

Contact Heanney for a consultation or find out more about her group classes here.

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