How To Make Your Winter Holiday Healthier

How To Make Your Winter Holiday Healthier

The winter holidays are synonymous with indulgence, from extravagant Christmas dinners to boozy New Year’s Eve parties. Brunches, family get-togethers and work celebrations can feel like a never-ending parade of temptation, especially when you’re trying to pursue a healthier lifestyle. However, has consulted with some of the best in the wellness world to gather a few top tips to make the holiday period a little easier to get through with your diet plan intact…

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Savour every bite | Image courtesy of Chiva-Som

Eat slowly and enjoy your food mindfully

“A very simple tip for supporting your wellness goals during the holiday season is to practice mindful eating and eat until you feel content, not full to the point of stomach discomfort.  Taking the time to savour your holiday cuisine by eating slowly, chewing your food thoroughly, and recognising when enough is enough will benefit your health greatly, even while you indulge in all of your holiday favourites.” – Dr Jason Culp, Research & Development Director Chiva-Som

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Go organic for no-more hangovers | Image courtesy of Pexels

Swap your regular booze for organic wine

“I have been swearing by organic wine. The social activities pick up during the festive season, so I keep organic wine at home for entertaining or to have one on hand to take to a party. They contain less sulphur dioxide, which is the preservative that causes the next day’s brain fog.” – John Stanton, Co-Founder Chosen Experiences

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Plan ahead and work out in the morning for guilt-free indulgences later | Image courtesy of Unsplash

Use the 80:20 principle to find your balance

“The 80:20 principle is one I try to live my life by. If you make healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle choices 80% of the time, it’s completely acceptable (and encouraged!) to leave room for indulgence. Plan ahead for that remaining 20% – what would be the ultimate treat this holiday season? Staying up late with family and friends and giving yourself permission to skip your morning workout? Enjoying eggnog and a piece of pumpkin pie? Making conscious decisions to “break the rules” can actually be a source of empowerment in maintaining a balanced lifestyle.” – Mary Tilson, Yoga & Wellness Director Nihi Sumba

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Enjoy a little bit of everything so you sacrifice nothing | Image courtesy of COMO Hotels and Resorts

Enjoy quality over quantity

“Reframe your mindset to focus on selecting good quality foods, but in smaller portions. If you want to enjoy the traditional foods of Christmas, do it smartly. Have a mince pie with brandy butter, but workout in the gym an extra five minutes that day. Enjoy your favourite tipple, but drink lots of lemon water before and afterwards to help your liver cleanse. Be kind to yourself.” – Sally Halstead, Spa Programme Manager COMO Shambhala Estate

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Don’t hold onto mistakes or lapses – learn, move on, and enjoy the moment | Image courtesy of Brooke Lark

Slow down and enjoy the moment

“Slow down and take each transition as the end goal. Instead of worrying about what you are eating and if you are exercising, be present with the love that surrounds you: it’s only 18 inches from the head to the heart.” – Shoshana Weinberg, Spa Director Four Seasons 

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