Wellness Trends We’re Watching Right Now

Wellness Trends We’re Watching Right Now

Despite the ongoing turmoil of COVID-19, the wellness industry has remained a top priority for us all, particularly for mental health and keeping up with healthy lifestyles. Pre-COVID estimates by the Global Wellness Institute indicate that the global wellness economy is valued at US$4.5 trillion, spanning everything from wellness tourism to fitness and gyms. Although the past couple of years have taken an unprecedented turn, wellness trends have shifted to align with the times with some of them may seem feeling a lot more close to home—hello virtual fitness. Here are some of the wellness trends we’ve got our eyes on… 

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Aesthetic home gym gear

With lockdowns prolonged in many regions across the globe, gyms remain closed meaning many of us will continue to work out at home. Fitness gear has unsurprisingly surged in recent months, with brands like Peloton for indoor cycling and Hypervolt massage guns for sports therapy topping in sales. But while we know that function comes over fashion, what if it combined both? There’s been a recent flurry of new brands offering pastel-hued, aesthetically beautiful options for home workouts. These are expected to become increasingly popular as we sweat in style, making posting post-workout pictures much more exciting. 

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The science of sleep

Sleep is taking centre stage for home wellness too, with our increasing awareness of its importance. A good nights’ sleep is the optimum solution to recovery and is ultimately an essential wellness trend that will stand the test of time. New technology has also helped us track sleep patterns, habits and how to make the most of your shut eye. English scientist and neuroscientist Matthew Walker is a frequent go-to for up-to-date statistics and advice for healthy sleep.

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Wellness technology

As technology advances in all sectors, wellness devices are equally booming, with users looking for holistic home solutions to meditation, yoga, fitness and sleep tracking. From light-therapy facials to portable treadmills, there’s something for everyone and on-the-go wellness has never been more accessible. Other popular wellness gadgets include FitBit for workouts, SilentMode for sleep meditation and the Oura Ring to measure heart rate, body temperature and movement.

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Mental fitness

Mental fitness refers to the act of keeping your mind healthy and happy. This is an essential component to our wellbeing and with the stress that has come with the COVID-19 epidemic, an even more valuable focus to keep a healthy state-of-mind. By slowing down, decompressing and self-reflecting, one can learn the benefits of soothing the mind and body. As the Global Wellness Institute states, mental wellness will be the biggest future trend, from wellness destinations bringing in neuroscientists and psychotherapists to meditation becoming even more mainstream.

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Home cooking & growing your own ingredients

Being cooped up at home isn’t all bad, especially when it means you can put your cooking skills to the test. The trend for home cooking has surged during the pandemic, meaning more fresh, hearty diets with newfound hobbies to spend the day. Home chefs have also been cooking with their own ingredients, often grown in backyards or in kitchen pot plants. A true farm-to-table experience.

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Offering an accessible, safe alternative to in-person visits, telemedicine became a necessary part of everyday life for many people stuck in lockdown. The out-of-office online option allows fully virtual consultations and treatments conducted over phone calls, video softwares or even online live chats. Although it isn’t the same as visiting a consultant or doctor in-person, telemedicine is an effective solution driven by a positive consumer response and while the pandemic is here, will remain a vital lifeline for many of us seeking immediate advice.

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