Astrologist Alice Bell On Understanding People Through Their Horoscopes

Astrologist Alice Bell On Understanding People Through Their Horoscopes

As the resident astrologer for British Vogue, Alice Bell knows a thing or two about horoscopes. The seasoned astrologist forecasts predictions on love, money, careers and lifestyles with astrological insights on every sign. Through her readings, Alice aims to help people understand specific timings in one’s life using a combination of both traditional and modern astrology. The expert has been featured in American Vogue, Vogue Australia and Teen Vogue, WWD and The Times, and has worked with clients from Saks Fifth Avenue to shopbop. We speak with Alice on what led her to start her career in astrology and how it can help us understand one another better.

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How did you start your career in astrology?I taught myself astrology, and it first started as a side hobby that I would do when my full time job working as a fashion assistant was slow or at nights after work. I never considered it to be a viable career path at first, but then when I started doing readings over Instagram I saw that so many people wanted one. After a few months of giving readings, I was making as much money from being an astrologer as I was at my job. I also was pretty unhappy working in fashion and didn’t feel fulfilled, so transitioning to work by myself as an astrologer felt very natural, like I had discovered my true calling. So almost three years ago, I took the leap and started practicing astrology full time, and my business has kept growing ever since. 

What’s a common misconception in astrology? A lot of the time people see these memes or  negative cliches about their sun signs or read their horoscope and they don’t feel like it resonates, so they believe astrology can’t be true. There’s so much more to astrology than just your sun sign though, and that’s why it’s important to look at your full birth chart which is a snapshot of the sky at the exact moment you were born. By looking at your birth chart, you can get an idea of who someone really is and see what their natural talents are in addition to challenges they may struggle with. 

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What inspired you to start your journey to healing with astrology? I didn’t consider myself to be a spiritual or religious person at all before I started learning astrology. When I first taught myself how to read my chart, it was very calming to see that I had certain traits for a reason. I was obsessing over dating problems at the time, and astrology helped me to become more aware of these patterns and behaviours I kept repeating in relationships over and over again. Understanding that side to myself is what really got me hooked and interested in learning more. Astrology has calmed a lot of my anxiety by allowing me to let go and believe in something bigger than myself and by showing me what my unique path is. It also got me interested in other spiritual practices like meditation, yoga, past life regressions, etc.

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How can one reconnect with loved ones/new people through astrology? Astrology is helpful in showing relationship dynamics. When you compare your astrology chart to someone else’s chart you can see why some relationships are easier than others. So if you have a difficult relationship with a parent or your boss at work, it gives you a different perspective into why that is and may help you to not feel so frustrated with them. It’s helped me to overall be more understanding of people. Also if you’re forming a new relationship or friendship with someone, astrology can give clues into your compatibility.  

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Why is it important to integrate astrology into our daily lives? I like how astrology shows that there is a timing for everything. Instead of comparing yourself to someone else’s success or thinking that you have to be in a relationship or have a specific job title by a certain age, astrology allows you to see when those events may happen for you. It’s very calming knowing that, so it just makes everyday life less stressful. In addition, where the planets currently are in the sky, can help point out why you may feel a certain way one day, while you may feel different the next. Tracking the lunar cycle and making note of when it’s a new moon or full moon is a good way to start incorporating astrology into your life. 

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