COMO Shambhala’s Pilates Retreat is the Perfect Way to Re-Align

Find balance at a Pilates Retreat | Image courtesy of Como Shmbhala
Find balance at a Pilates Retreat | Image courtesy of COMO Shambhala

As if we needed another reason to go to Bali, COMO Shambhala’s resident Pilates guru Amy Buck is hosting an exclusive Pilates retreat this October.

The luxe resort is ideally located north of Ubud surrounded by dreamy rice terraces and verdant jungle and offers a variety of detox, stress-management and fitness retreats for wellness wanderlusters. In addition to their standard programmes, COMO keeps it fresh with one-off retreats—and it’s their latest offering that has us desperately scanning for flight deals.

You'll have full access to Como's luxe resort | Image courtesy of Como Shambhala
You’ll have full access to COMO’s luxe resort | Image courtesy of COMO Shambhala

The Retreat

The focus on this five-day retreat will be on alignment: restoring symmetry, building strength, and correcting imbalances. Each of the five days will work on a different Pilates principle, focusing on everything from mastering your concentration to fine-tuning your breathing techniques. A one-to-one postural analysis will give you some professional and digital guidance to provide personalised training advice and focus during your retreat stay.

Amy Buck | Image courtesy of Como Shambhala
Amy Buck | Image courtesy of COMO Shambhala

The Instructor

A Pilates instructor for over 13 years, Amy’s background in biomechanics and applied kinesiology gives her a unique depth of knowledge on movement and coordination, and her additional qualifications in resistance training, Zumba and TRX bring a vibrant energy to all her classes. With a belief that anything is possible, Amy is the perfect guide for your intensive Pilates journey.

Perfect posture | Image courtesy of Como Shambhala
Perfect your posture | Image courtesy of Como Shambhala

What To Expect

With two classes daily—a morning session that promotes joint muscle strengthening and balance, and an afternoon flow session for practising new alignment techniques—there’s not much chance of you leaving here with less than perfect posture.

The Como Shambhala retreat runs from October 19-25 2017. The retreat includes six nights accommodation and five days of pilates classes. Prices start at around US$4,615.

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