Emerald & Tiger Founder Jasmin Harsono On Finding Harmony Through Reiki

Emerald & Tiger Founder Jasmin Harsono On Finding Harmony Through Reiki

Reiki is an ancient healing practice that translates to spiritual and universal energy. For Jasmin Harsono, it’s a way of life and an essential component of mental and physical wellbeing. The holistic healer founded conscious lifestyle brand Emerald & Tiger to share her passion for alternative therapies. We speak with Jasmin on how she became a holistic healer, what reiki can bring to your life and the most exciting experiences of her wellbeing journey to date.

Could you tell us about yourself and how you became a holistic healer? My name is Jasmin Harsono; I am the founder of a conscious lifestyle brand, Emerald and Tiger. We offer private, corporate wellness sessions and brand activations. In addition, we have an online shop and blog. In 2020, I founded Breathe Love, a platform that showcases people, brands and organisations that do good globally. I am an intuitive wellness guide, writer, speaker and sound artist. I practise reiki, sound and meditation and have written a book called Self Reiki published by DK, available worldwide. 

Through my childhood and teenage years, I suffered a lot of traumatic experiences that I internalised. I was in my late twenties when I hit a crisis with my health and wellbeing. So I started researching alternative therapies and a holistic approach to living. Discovering ways to support my health and wellbeing inspired me to help others.

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For a total newbie, could you explain what reiki is and what are the healing benefits? Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) system is an ancient healing art and spiritual practice founded by Mikao Usui. Reiki translates to ‘Universal Energy’ or ‘Spiritual Energy’. The most profound meaning of Reiki that I relate to is True Self. Reiki unifies the body-spirit connection. The more we practice Reiki, we discover that it is always part of us. The embodiment of true self, pure consciousness, compassion, and kindness is part of who we are as spiritual beings living in human bodies. 

The system of Reiki is not just hands-on healing; it is meditation, symbols and mantras, attunements, and the reiki principles. Of course, you can learn all of these during training, and I touch upon them in my book. As a practitioner, I also offer reiki treatments that can be provided in person or distantly. The treatments help clients remember or activate their own Reiki, as a natural life force energy. Some benefits of Reiki include pain relief, deep relaxation, aiding meditation, relieving stress and anxiety, and increasing mental vitality. It supports us on our spiritual path. Reiki offers immediate healing and continues to create transformational shifts in our life. Reiki works with other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery. The NHS offer Reiki as a complementary therapy.

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Your brand Emerald and Tiger is a conscious lifestyle brand that offers guidance, workshops and products. Can you tell us more about some of the in-person offerings you specialise in (i.e. the workshops)? I specialise in Reiki and Sound meditation. I have just started offering in-person classes again. I am currently collaborating with Omnom in Islington, London, to offer Reiki meditations. One of my popular classes is The Three Diamonds Breath, which explores the Japanese energetic system, Earth, Heart and Heaven energy. This session taps into breath-work, Reiki, guided meditation, visualisation, affirmations and touch and often ends with sound. I have shared this session one on one, in small groups, at festivals such as Goop and Happy Place, and it helps people deepen into their bodies, feeling a sense of vitality and flow afterwards. You can watch the recorded version here.

How can reiki benefit corporate wellbeing? Reiki offers a host of benefits as listed above, plus more. We spend a large portion of our life working, so incorporating time to support our health and wellbeing whilst at work is essential. As a result, employees feel motivated, creative, cared for and empowered to support their mental, emotional and physical health. 

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What are some of the most exciting things you’ve learned along the way? It has been liberating working for myself and being able to share my work. I feel excited and passionate about every day. I am grateful to support people. Also, exploring sound and my voice as a sound instrument is a fascinating journey.

What’s the best part of what you do? I love that my work enables me to share my creativity, whether through meditation, song, books, blog or interviews. But most of all, I can share my work to support people and contribute to a better world. 

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What are the challenges? I came into this business with no connections or contacts. I am an introvert, so networking is not easy, but I have done incredible well through word of mouth and slowly building a reputable name for myself. Overall, running a business comes with a huge responsibility and it is not easy. Most organisations and businesses do not respect wellness work and practitioners. I have been campaigning and talking about this for some time. There is still a long way to go for equality and equity in wellness.

What’s next for Emerald and Tiger?I am working on some exciting projects. I recommend signing up to my newsletter for more information.

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