Four Seasons Resort Langkawi Is Eliminating Single-Use Plastic Water BottlesFour Seasons Resort Langkawi Is Eliminating Single-Use Plastic Water Bottles

Four Seasons Resort Langkawi Is Eliminating Single-Use Plastic Water Bottles

Four Seasons Resort Langkawi is starting its New Years’ resolutions early by getting rid of single-use plastic water bottles. Introducing the new EoWati initiative, the luxury Malaysian resort will provide guests with eco-friendly, safe and refreshing drinking water with its new on-site bottling system. 

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More and more luxury resorts, particularly in the wellness space, are doubling down on the use of unsustainable materials and finding eco-friendly solutions to high-waste problems. General Manager David Macklin explained: “We are very clear that the primary aim of building the water bottling plant is to create a more sustainable environment, not to maximise profits.”

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 Focused on preservation, the new EoWati initiative (eo meaning ‘timeless’; wati meaning “having” in Sanskrit) is dedicated to making Four Seasons Resort Langkawi more sustainable for the community and guests. “On a global scale, human beings use a million plastic water bottles each minute, 91 percent of which are not recycled and end up clogging oceans and landfills,” explained the resort in its release on the initiatve. “Sustainable bottled water is crucial to lowering our carbon footprint and moving into a lower-waste lifestyle. At Four Seasons, guests can enjoy still as well as sparkling water produced on-site.”

Image courtesy of Four Seasons Resort Langkawi

The in-house purification system follows a seven-step process to produce high-quality drinking water, which is then bottled in glass containers and infinitely recycled. By focusing on reusable materials, and storing and bottling on-site, Four Seasons Resort Langkawi minimises material waste, single-use plastic, and transport. The resort has already banned plastic straws, and has dispensaries for its bathroom amenities rather than individually wrapped items. 

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For the resort, one of the biggest motivators to make the change to glass bottled water was the resort’s pristine natural location: “Nature is a constant and powerful presence at Four Seasons Resort Langkawi, from our mile-long stretch of pristine beach to the age-old mangroves next door,” said Macklin. “Every day, our surroundings remind us how vital it is to preserve these spectacular places for generations to come. The EoWati initiative is a significant step towards nurturing the long-term health of Langkawi’s precious ecosystems, especially the UNESCO Kilim Karst Geopark.”

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