Gabriella Schnitzler, Managing Director of The Original FX Mayr Clinic, On Using Nature To Reboot & Healthy Holidays

Gabriella Schnitzler, Managing Director of The Original FX Mayr Clinic, On Using Nature To Reboot & Healthy Holidays

Established over 45 years ago, The Original FX Mayr Clinic is an internationally acclaimed lakeside retreat famed for its Mayr Cure, using the most comprehensive wellness medical diagnoses, personalised nutrition and targeted therapies. The Austrian wellness retreat overlooks the pristine Lake Wörthersee making it the perfect destination for an immersive holistic experience. From Shiatsu and reflexology to silent dining for a healthier gut, the property takes a 360-degree approach to health. Guests can embark on daily hikes, challenge themselves to a cold water swim and recover at the beautiful Finnish saunas afterwards. We speak to Gabriella Schnitzler, the Managing Director of The Original FX Mayr Clinic, on why this wellness retreat is the ideal escape.

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How do you reboot after a hectic week? After a hectic week, I enjoy taking long walks through the woods nearby with my two little dogs. Nature has always been an endless source of inspiration for me. 

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Who are your role models and why? My role models are women in general. All working mothers and single-parent women in particular.  

Who would this healthy holiday destination suit? The Original FX Mayr suits basically everybody, especially for those aged 35 years old and above. Our modern lifestyle space not only holds the benefits of having access to almost everything but also offers a moment for us to understand where we are with our health, especially our intestinal health. The Original FX Mayr Clinic offers the original Mayr ‘cure’ programmes based on a system that believes in giving the digestive system a rest to allow the body to heal itself in other ways.  

Offering four steps to personal holistic well-being, The FX Mayr structures each stay according to four principles: diagnostics, detox, medicine/therapies, and regeneration, which are designed to propel guests to their unique health goals. Based on the medical assessments and tests, the FX Mayr team of doctors and therapists will determine guests’  individual treatment plan, integrating a diet plan relevant to their health needs and goals,  and a customised fitness programme with individual coaching and training.

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What do you hope guests will take away from their stay? When guests leave, we hope that they can learn a lot about their bodies, food and eating habits, and especially how to preserve good health. It might be a life-changing experience. 

While silent dining and mindful chewing are still practised to encourage a healthier gut at the Original FX Mayr, the menu is more than just nutritious— it also offers inventive, varied dishes that are delicious, seasonal and regionally sourced, with exquisite presentation. We bring guests on a journey that resets their state of being and enables a renewed perspective that sets one upon better, healthier lifestyles starting from within. 

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What are the crucial factors involved in implementing a successful healthy lifestyle  change? A crucial factor is to have awareness—and a firm interest in change. Little steps can already lead to a big difference in life. This is very individual, so a stay with us may help one learn a lot about themselves which makes it easier to implement the different steps in their lifestyle. 

What process do you swear by? I strongly believe in teamwork and in having a well-designed working process.

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Image courtesy of The Original FX Mayr

When you feel unfocused or overwhelmed what do you do? When I feel unfocused or overwhelmed, that is the moment when I need to find new impulses. As said before, nature is always a perfect source for me or the opposite: I can also escape for a day and visit a city.

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