5 Ways To Use TCM Superfood Lingzhi Every Day

5 Ways To Use TCM Superfood Lingzhi Every Day

Lingzhi is not new. In fact, it’s been around for a while. It’s a herbal remedy for illness and fatigue that has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for generations. What is new is the accessible capsules it’s been put into by brands such as Eu Yan Sang – meaning taking it like a vitamin supplement just became incredibly easy.

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Lingzhi grows in warm climates on hardwood logs | Image courtesy of Eric Steinert

For those who don’t know what Lingzhi is, here’s a crash course. Lingzhi is a mushroom that grows on hardwood logs and has allegedly been used medicinally for over 2,000 years. It is said to boost the immune system, reduce stress, and increase energy. Additionally, it’s been suggested that Lingzhi can suppress the symptoms of allergies.

If any of these perks sound appealing, there are actually plenty of ways to incorporate it into your everyday diet. Take the capsules straight with luke warm-water, or, add it to these foods for a tasty and revitalising treat.

lingzhi, mushroom, reishi, TCM, traditional chinese medicine, alternative therapies, superfoods
Lingzhi has a bitter taste, meaning it works well with flavours like tea, coffee and chocolate | Image courtesy of Chelsea Shapouri


One of the easiest ways to integrate lingzhi into your diet has to be tea. Have lingzhi with your daily cuppa – if you find the taste too strong, add honey to soften the sharp edge.


Because of its bitter taste, Lingzhi works well with dark chocolate for a health and slightly-indulgent treat. If you make your own chocolate from raw cacao nibs, add the lingzhi capsules and some goji berries for an extra health boost.

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Smoothies have long been a way to incorporate superfoods, and lingzhi works surprisingly well with fruits, bringing out the best of their flavours. Try banana and chocolate, or strawberry vanilla for something sweeter.


Be careful with this one, because although the flavours work incredibly well together for those who like their coffee dark and bitter, the caffeine burst combined with the lingzhi boost can be a little dizzying – probably a combination you want to save once you’ve tested your tolerance.

Superfood Shots

Using almond milk and lingzhi, you can make your own incredible vegan superfood shots with a variety of flavours. Try adding turmeric for something a little spicy, or matcha for smooth and creamy.

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