Sirirat Chaikhampha On Chiva-Som International Academy’s Online Wellness Courses

Sirirat Chaikhampha On Chiva-Som International Academy’s Online Wellness Courses

A pioneer among Asia’s leading spa education centres, Chiva-Som International Academy recently launched its interactive online courses to encourage home self-care and education, from diet and nutrition to DIY face-lifting and firming workshops. We speak to head instructor and certified physical therapist and spa manager Sirirat Chaikhampha on approaching wellness from a holistic perspective, what to expect with the online courses and her top tips for success.

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What new online courses has Chiva-Som International Academy launched? Chiva-Som International Academy has launched three online courses Anatomy & Physiology, Essential Anatomy for Body Practitioner Workshop, Spa Development and Spa Management. Furthermore, the academy developed and launched its new online courses including Diet & Nutrition and DIY Face Lifting and Firming Workshop for those interested in the wellness concept of self-healing from the inside out. Courses are conducted through a simple, interactive online platform.

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How has e-learning been integrated to adapt with recent times? With the COVID-19 crisis, many activities have shifted online and people are starting to work and learn from home. The rapid growth of education technology makes the system more open, easy to access and more flexible. In addition, there are a variety of learning materials which make learning more interesting and effective. In the future, the e-learning system will become another important way for everyone to gain knowledge and experiences anytime, anywhere, by merely connecting to the internet.

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What does wellness mean to Chiva-Som International Academy? Chiva-Som International Academy has established its roots in health and wellness since 1991. Carrying on from the flagship, Chiva-Som International Health Resort in Hua Hin, our wellness philosophy is to inspire and transform people to focus and find their own way to promote the balance of mind, body and spirit. The academy delivers highly effective training programmes focused on Chiva-Som’s six wellness modalities: spa, physiotherapy, holistic health, nutrition, fitness and aesthetic beauty. The aim of the academy is to inspire people to learn and find self-discovery, using health and wellness to refine their skills and expertise.

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What are your top three tips for success? Firstly, set your goals. It’s important to motivate yourself and make sure that the goals are clear and important to you. Motivation is the key to success. Then design the action plan. Write out the individual steps and cross off each one when you complete it. This helps you realise that you are making process towards your goal. Finally, stick with it. Keep yourself on track and spend time reviewing each of your goals. Your goals may remain similar or they may change. Make sure the value and necessity remain high.

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What advice would you give to people looking to achieve their goals within a three month period? In order to achieve your goals within three months, you must make sacrifices, commit daily, overcome challenges and consistently work on your plan. If you have a large goal, the best thing to do is break your large goal into smaller, more manageable action steps. Research has shown that writing down a plan increases your chances to achieve your goals by 42%. And this percentage increases to 78% when you send your goals, action commitments and weekly progress reports to a supportive friend.

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Motivators help you to keep moving forward in your goal progress. Meanwhile, you can find someone to help and provide valuable feedback at the critical point. With a committed plan and consistent action, you can achieve your goals faster than you thought possible.

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