This Simple TCM Tea Recipe Can Help Reduce Bloating

This Simple TCM Tea Recipe Can Help Reduce Bloating

With so many Christmas parties and New Year Dos, it’s inevitable that you’re going to be feeling a little fuller and fizzier than usual—and there’s nothing worse than the bloating that comes with rich dinners and champagne a-plenty. Thankfully, there’s plenty of herbal remedies out there to help you out, and Traditional Chinese Medicine expert Cinci Yeung has shared her favourite solution to stomach and digestive issues with us: Roselle and Hawthorn tea.

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The combined health benefits of this easy TCM tea remedy are well known. Hawthorn tea is renowned for its cardiovascular benefits—namely prevention of heart disease and disorders through antioxidants which smooth muscle and blood vessel flow in the heart—and has been used medicinally by the Greeks and Native Americans as well as the Chinese. As an anti-inflammatory that’s loaded with fibre, Hawthorn has also proven great in gastrointestinal digestion, and particularly in the breakdown of meats (which could prove useful when you’re tucking into your third portion of Christmas turkey).

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The bitter taste of Hawthorn, however, can be off-putting—which is where the Roselle comes in. Fruity, fragrant and rich in vitamin C, the Roselle lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, and—most importantly, in the interest of good digestion—aids healthy bowel movements.

Together, the two provide a great anti-bloating solution after an evening of heavy dinners and drinking. “Roselle and Hawthorn tea helps alleviate stomach bloating and discomfort due to indigestion and constipation,” says Cinci. Check out her simple tea recipe below, or visit CheckCheckCin for more personalised TCM advice.

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Roselle & Hawthorn Tea


  • 2 dried roselle
  • 10g hawthorn
  • 4-5 dried rose
  • 2-3g black tea


  1. Cut up all the ingredients into small pieces and put into a tea bag filter.
  2. Rinse teabag with hot water in a thermos and pour out water.
  3. Add in hot water again and steep for 20 minutes.
  4. Drink!

It is recommended you do not exceed three cups per day. If you are currently using blood pressure-lowering or heart medication, always check with your doctor before using.

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