5 Barre Studios In Hong Kong For A Ballet-Inspired Workout

5 Barre Studios In Hong Kong For A Ballet-Inspired Workout

There’s a lot of buzz about barre studios in the fitness world just now, but what is all the fuss about? A combination of ballet-inspired poses, yoga, Pilates, and even free-weights, ballet barre classes tone, tighten and lengthen muscles through targeted isometric movements. This training uses small, yet powerful, motions to stimulate muscle growth without tearing, thereby creating a lean physique: think elegant dancer, not a bulky lifter. Lasting roughly an hour, the full-body workout is both efficient and effective, with many people seeing results in less than seven classes.

Since its initial creation in 1959, multiple styles of barre workouts have been developed. Some incorporate ‘real life’ training in the form of compound movements such as squats and lunges that stimulate larger muscle groups— helpful for when you’re moving house or sprinting upstairs for a meeting—while others focus on heart-pumping cardio to increase fat burn. Check out our favourite barre studios in Hong Kong, and stop by a couple of classes while you’re in town.

barre workouts in hong kong
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Hong Kong’s most extensive fitness studio offers a full range of fat-burning, muscle-toning Xtend Barre classes, which are half dance, half Pilates, and crafted to specifically target fat while sculpting muscle. Students of all abilities will love the fast-paced, multi-level class, but if you’re really looking to sweat, go for the more intense courses. Jump in on a Cardio Blast class to trim down and tone up fast, or brave the Xtend Barre Stick to develop muscles you didn’t even know you had (looking at you ‘deep core’). Helmed by Master Trainer and studio co-founder, Anna Serafinas Luk, these classes will kick your butt and leave it looking better than ever. Contact Flex Studio for booking details and prices.

Flex Studio Island South, Shops 308-310, One Island South, 2 Heung Yip Road

Wong Chuk Hang | +852 2813 2212 | flexhk.com 

Flex Studio Central, 3F Man Cheung Building, 15-17 Wyndham Street, Central | +852 2813 2399 | flexhk.com

barre workouts in hong kong
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With locations in Singapore and Hong Kong, WeBarre’s boutique barre studio aesthetic has international appeal. Their 60-minute classes combine ballet, yoga, Pilates and strength training to help clients shape and sculpt their bodies and gain confidence in and out of the studio. The Graham Street studio offers three class types: the WeBarre Signature Multi-Level, which uses small and controlled movements to make a big impact and focusses on flow, strength and technique; WeBarre Fundamentals, which is ideal for beginners or postnatal mums working through the basics at a slower pace; and WeBarre HIIT, a fast-paced high-intensity boot camp designed to make you sweat hard and increase your metabolism. Single classes start from HK$280, and there is a comprehensive selection multi-class plans. A seven-day trial pass is also available for HK$398.

49 Hollywood Road, 13F Hilltop Plaza, Central, Hong Kong | +852 2310 0008 | webarre.com

barre workouts in hong kong
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Barre 2 Barre

Proponents of the BarreAmped method, these classes are the result of over a decade of intense study. Founded in America, BarreAmped classes combine the elegance of dance, with the control of Pilates for a fully engaging, yet surprisingly calming workout. With an emphasis on a ‘neutral spine’, these classes protect the back and teach students to recognise proper body alignment. They offer classes for all levels, including private prenatal sessions for expectant mothers. Pilates and yoga classes are also offered for those seeking to improve their barre form and develop a well-rounded fitness regime. Barre 2 Barre is the only certified BarreAmped studio in all of Asia, and they’ve just opened a second space in Singapore. Drop in and packages are available and must be booked online. Classes start at HK$200.

Barre 2 Barre Hong Kong 4/F Cheung Hing Commercial Building, 37 Cochrane Street, Central, Hong Kong | +852 9688 3503 | barre2barre.com

pilates studios in hong kong
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Iso Fit

Better known as a Pilates studio, Iso Fit offers a unique Barre-Pilates Fusion class. The energetic mix of classic ballet movements and mat Pilates to upbeat music makes for a fun class that really works your muscles to the core. Combining low-impact cardio with light use of hand weights, the class tones the upper body, strengthens alignment and improves flexibility, all while giving you a sweat-inducing workout. The classes are multi-level, and adaptable to beginners or advanced students. Classes are led by Iso Fit instructor Gemma Kelly, who in addition to her extensive Pilates certificates, has a Bachelor’s in dance, and certificates in Xtend Barre, TRX and Pilates Rehabilitation—so in addition to her infectious passion for the class, she’s well equipped to support all abilities through the session. Classes start from HK$170.

802-805, 8/F Yu Yuet Lai Building, 43-55 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong | +852 2869 8630 | isofit.com.hk

barre workouts in hong kong
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Core Plus Fitness

This fitness and Pilates studio located in the heart of Stanley offers barre classes alongside its other courses, including circuit training, TRX, Zumba and Thailates. The hour-long barre class is a far-cry from childhood ballet practice. Between the instructors, the moves and the fast music, it’s more like a club than a workout. If that doesn’t keep you motivated, being so close to the water, a constant reminder of swimsuit season, definitely will. After your workout, you can even check out one of their workshops, a series of wellness talks that cover topics ranging from detox methods to back support. Contact Core Plus for booking details and prices.

Core Plus Fitness, No. 80 Stanley Main Street, Stanley | +852 2785 9266 | coreplusftiness.com.hk 

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