4 Expert Trainers Share Their Top Home Workouts & What Motivates Them Most

4 Expert Trainers Share Their Top Home Workouts & What Motivates Them Most

When it comes to workouts, no one knows it better than the experts who run the sessions. We speak to four expert trainers on their top home workout tips and how to stay motivated.

Image courtesy of Body By Simone

Simone de la Rue

Famed for her signature BBS Method—a high-impact dance cardio class—Simone de la Rue is one of Hollywood’s top fitness experts and her cult following of loyal clientele proves it. Accessible virtually or in person, Simone’s classes are fun and high-spirited to keep workouts energising. She shares with us her top picks for workouts and how to stay motivated.

“I love to do compound movements that work more than one muscle group at a time. An example would be weighted squats. They are perfect for busy mums who have a minimal amount of time to workout. Another favorite of mine is a quick HIIT workout from my BBS APP. It’s a great way to get the heart rate up and boost your mood.

My family motivates me most! My son is two and is constantly on the move, I want to be fit and healthy so I can keep up with him. I work hard to lead by example, to teach him we must work hard in life to achieve our goals”. —Simone de la Rue, Founder, Body By Simone

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Image courtesy of Sarah Hagaman

Sarah Hagaman

Los Angeles-based trainer Sarah Hagaman is renowned for her signature workouts with American model Cindy Crawford. Sarah focuses her fitness efforts as a tool for mental health improvement and staying healthy and happy. She tells us about her love for the plank and what keeps her motivated.

“My favorite workout movement from anywhere I would have to say are planks as they are so versatile. You can hold them static or add dynamic movements. Plank jacks or mountain climbers can elevate your heart rate. Moving from a high plank to a low plank will fire up your chest and tris. Holding a plank and kicking one leg up can fire up the glutes and thighs. Although a classic core movement, planks engage everything to build full-body strength. 

I find the best motivation is to find a cute workout set that you feel good in. The first thing I do after my eyes open is a 10-15 meditation and coffee then immediately I put on my workout clothes. This sets my mind in the right direction for my body to follow”. —Sarah Hagaman, RecoveryFit Coach & Blue Clay Fitness Coach

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Image courtesy of Lee Mullins

Lee Mullins

Lee Mullins is the founder of Bulgari Hotel’s Workshop Gymnasium, offering high performance workouts that take holiday gyms to new highs. He speaks with us on how he trains.

“Interval training can be great because it requires no equipment. What motivates me to train is now to stay injury free. I know when I go through periods of not training, regularly more and more niggles start to appear. When I’m training regularly, and for me that’s 3-4 times a week, everything generally feels good. Over the last couple of years I’ve taken up boxing as a way of training and one of the biggest motivators to come from this sport is to stay on top of my training in the gym so I don’t get destroyed when I get into the ring to spare”. —Lee Mullins, Founder, Workshop Gymnasium

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Image courtesy of Nicole Stuart

Nicole Stuart

Celebrity trainer Nicole Stuart offers Pilates exercises that blend dance moves, yoga, stretching and cross training. She’s trained Hollywood stars from Kate Hudson to Ashley Benson.

“I enjoy Pilates class more specifically if I can’t do the entire workout. I always use the Series Of Five abdominal exercises created by Joseph Pilates—he believes if you do these five you’ll remain flexible and strong”. —Nicole Stuart, Celebrity Trainer

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