Aman Wellness Experts Share Their Top Home Self-Care TipsAman Wellness Experts Share Their Top Home Self-Care Tips

Aman Wellness Experts Share Their Top Home Self-Care Tips

Luxury wellness hotels and resorts group Aman is a pioneer in the hospitality industry. Its immersive wellness programmes range from meditation retreats in Vietnam to spa breaks on a private island in the Philippines. With each destination comes a myriad of fitness, sleep, yoga and holistic experts to guide you through your journey—it’s no wonder that these resorts are so popular among A-listers and celebrities that include Miley Cyrus and George Clooney. We speak to six wellness experts at Aman on their top tips for home self-care amid the pandemic.

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“Creating a Healing Bath Ritual is the epitome of at-home self-care. Warm water cleanses the skin, releases endorphins and relaxes fatigued muscles. One can enhance the experience by adding their favorite bath oils, a facial mask, soft candlelight and relaxing music, soaking in the bath for at least 20 minutes. 

This ancient self-care ritual is a sure way to reset the mind and body. I recommend using Aman Skincare’s Grounding Amethyst Bath Oil, Grounding Miracle Mud Mask and Grounding Spa Candle while listening to Ben Howard on Spotify.” – Audrey Brogan, Spa and Wellness Manager 

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“A weekly full body exfoliation would be something we highly recommend as a home care wellness ritual. One can choose to either do a dry body brush with loofah gloves or a Himalayan salt scrub with extra virgin coconut oil and five drops of a favourite essential oil. The benefits of body scrubbing include increasing circulation, stimulating the lymphatic system and stress relief. 

We would also highly recommend Amanzoe’s new Mesojet treatments, which incorporate supersonic sub-dermal infusions of anti-ageing compounds with skin tightening radiofrequency. The treatments are for both the face and body, with benefits including the improvement of skin tone and texture, as well as the signs of ageing appearing instantly diminished.” – Lillian Cheam, Group Director of Spa Operations

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“Our top tip for self-care wellness is to focus on oneself and what makes your body and soul feel nourished. I suggest starting the day with a short 20 – 30 minutes yoga, meditation and fitness workout to invigorate and energise both body and mind. 

As Amanoi is a holistic wellness lifestyle destination it is an ideal place to renew and revive oneself. At the resort’s Aman Spa, we offer extensive treatments and wellness programmes in our Wellness Pool Villas—the first of their kind for Aman—which can be personalised to guests’ needs and expectations, with specialist therapists on hand to ensure each holistic experience is memorable.” – Ms. Nhan Nguyen, Spa Manager

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“Taking some time in the morning each day to complete a self-pampering routine is a great way to start the day as it will improve energy and mood as well as overall mental and physical health. Fifteen minutes of yoga or meditation can help to make one more present and mindful, increasing the ability to concentrate, while a smoothie with ingredients such as spinach, avocado, flaxseeds and wild blueberries is full of vitamins and minerals and will support the immune system, promote cell regeneration and cleanse the body.

The magic of the Dominican Republic is the culture that also informs the stories behind the treatments at Amanera. Each one of the resort’s experiences and recipes are inherited from ancient teachings of Taino culture, giving guests the rare opportunity to travel through time, learning and living the culture, while relaxing in the care of the hands of Amanera’s trained therapists.” – Marian Arroyo, Spa, Wellness and Boutique Manager

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“My recommendation for practices to nourish the body and mind that one can do at home include breathwork and mindful movements, such as yoga or Pilates, eating a diet of nutrient-dense foods along with mineral-filled structured water, and creating and nurturing a cosy and fresh atmosphere. Deep abdominal breathing stimulates awareness, relaxation and joy in the body. From this space, we can see the bigger picture and adjust our sails. Long deep breathing also ensures smooth lymphatic and energy flow throughout the body so we can make space for the new and gracefully release the old.

Most people do not think about toxicity in the home, but it is important to consider things such as continuous use of chemicals in homecare products and cosmetics, heavy metals in water and non-stick pans, VOCs and flame retardants. Replacing them with environmentally friendly alternatives and air purifying plants including candles, essential oils, and other small items can make a difference to artfully cater to the senses and spark joy.

Guests of Amanyara can look forward to spectacular views, turquoise waters and peaceful immersion in nature. Crafted spa and wellness programmes can address physical, energetic and emotional wellbeing.” – Raimonda Kersyte, Wellness & Immersion Programme Manager

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“Laughter strengthens all immune functions, bringing more oxygen to the body and brain, and fostering feelings of positivity. Any kind of laughter will help release tension and will allow one to feel lighter and healthier. At Amankila, we are now offering a unique Laughing Yoga practice that guests can try at home while still unable to travel to our shores. 

Upon returning to the resort guests can look forward to experiencing Amankila’s specialty, Cinta Therapy, a treatment for both individuals and couples that consists of a full-body exfoliation that cleanses and purifies. This is followed by a warm bath scented with rose and flower essences to open the chakra before an aromatherapy body massage, which infuses a sense of harmony, completes the ritual.”Rak Eka, Yoga Instructor 

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