Luxury Meets Holistic Wellness In An Idyllic Setting At Eden Health Retreat

Luxury Meets Holistic Wellness In An Idyllic Setting At Eden Health Retreat

As Australia’s longest-running health retreat, Eden is one of the wellness industry’s pioneering players. Located in the hinterland of Australia’s Gold Coast, the resort has a long-standing reputation as one of the best in the business. And for good reason.

Offering holistic wellbeing on a luxury platter, Eden Health Retreat makes unwinding from the rat race easy. And after a recent renovation and programme upgrade, they’ve raised the wellness stakes. Custom-designed packages are their speciality, along with their ability to nourish, support and encourage guests back into healthy alignment. Compare Retreats’ Rebecca Walker checks in for a seven-day relaxation-focused stay. 

Eden Health Retreat
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Part of Eden Health Retreat’s wellness philosophy revolves around the idea that ‘Grounding yourself in Mother Nature is a healing pathway for mind, body and spirit’. Their stunning 400-acre property makes this possible. Surrounded by verdant greenery and lush native rainforest, the retreat is a world away from the hustle and bustle of Australia’s popular Gold Coast region.

Nestled in Currumbin Valley, Eden’s facilities are encircled by rolling lawns, towering trees and a beautiful creek. It’s located two hours from Brisbane Airport and less than 30 minutes from the Gold Coast Airport. The retreat offers a transfer service and is a true nature oasis. 

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Eden Health Retreat
Image courtesy of Rebecca Walker

Eden Health Retreat

Set remotely in the picturesque mountains of Currumbin Valley, yet equipped with all the mod-cons one could possibly want, Eden Health Retreat’s size, scope and charm are impressive. It is a purpose-built retreat and the resort’s wellness facilities reflect its health-focused mission.

Along with a fully-equipped gym, amenities include an outdoor freshwater swimming pool (heated in winter), spa centre, wellness pavilion, steam room, sauna, treetop flying fox, meditation labyrinth, tennis court, basketball court and communal dining space. 


Due to the retreat’s vast size, scenic location and eye-pleasing design, the ambience at Eden Health Retreat is serene, peaceful and idyllic. The landscape is truly stunning, with lots of local wildlife living on the retreat’s grounds (including native goannas). Birdcall is a constant soundtrack and the cackle of kookaburras all day long, while the hum of cicadas lulls you to sleep at night. 

Known as ‘Bundjalung Country’, the lush countryside that surrounds and cradles Eden is revered as sacred soil by the traditional custodians of the land—the Yugambeh People. It’s an expression of the divine feminine, Currumbin Valley has long been associated with new life, nourishment and healing by local indigenous tribes. Historically a birthing site, Currumbin Creek (which runs through the property) was popular among pregnant women for generations during labour and childbirth. 

Eden Health Retreat
Image courtesy of Rebecca Walker

From the minute I drove into Currumbin, I sensed this sacred energy. Soft and restorative, the land felt innately curative and distinctly feminine. Lush and teeming with native flora, fauna and wildlife, the landscape has a palpable magic. As I swam in the creeks, walked barefoot on the grass and listened to nature’s chatter in the retreat’s verdant rainforest, I felt ever closer to Bundjalung’s healing tonic. And as the days went by, I felt at one with it.

There were 45 of us in our group (mostly women), many of which came in pairs and were returning guests. There was also a number of solo guests and the general vibe was a feeling of sisterly comradery. I sat at a different table every meal (there’s no specific table seating) and everyone was friendly, welcoming and inclusive.

Bonds formed during the week as people got to know each other while bending, stretching and sweating through their various programmes and by the end of the week the group had shared stories, tears and plenty of laughter. 

That said, there was no sense of obligation to be social or talkative if you’re feeling introspective. You can always opt to sit at one of the dedicated ‘quiet tables’ if you don’t want to chat. 

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Eden Health Retreat is a five-star retreat and the lodging options reflect luxury standards. There are six accommodation types to choose from: The Cascade Lodge (open-plan design with private deck and fireplace), Premier Suite (spacious suite with private deck), Deluxe Suite (spacious lodge with private deck and laundry), Deluxe Double (spacious one-bedroom lodge with bay window), Premier Single (spacious studio with private deck) and Deluxe Single (charming lodge studio with bay window). Modern and minimalist, all rooms brandish natural light, contemporary furnishings and scenic mountain views.  


The dining menu at Eden gives guests a new appreciation of nutrition and whole foods. Featuring delicious seasonal produce, meals are carefully curated by the retreat’s specialised chefs who focus on nutritionally-dense sustenance. Infused with macro and micronutrients, the entire menu is gluten-free and has a plant-based focus that incorporates whole grains, nuts and seeds.

Served five times a day in the retreat’s on-site restaurant, special dietary needs are catered to (including dairy, egg and nut allergies) and vegan and vegetarian options are also available. 

Eden Health Retreat
Image courtesy of Eden Health Retreat

Because some guests are on weight loss programmes, while others are on retreat to relax and restore, menu options vary. So while some people may be keen to munch on some organic white meat or locally-caught seafood, others may stick to a more basic detox diet. Either way, everyone was suitably satiated.  

Eden Health Retreat Relaxation + Nature Programme

I am a mother of two young children and am always on the run. So I opted for the retreat’s relaxation programme with a good dose of nature experiences thrown in. Regardless of what your personal goals are, a day at Eden begins with a 5:55 am wake-up.

This follows with a group movement session (such as QiGong) or guided bushwalk, before breakfast. Next, there’s a functional movement class (such as yoga or circuit training) or a spa treatment before the morning tea break. 

An adventure activity (such as the Flying Fox), mindfulness activity (such as guided meditation), or nature immersion session (such as journaling in the outdoors) follows before lunch. A soul-nourishing session (such as sound healing or mindful pottery) or a health workshop (such as a cooking demonstration) follows lunch. The afternoon is filled with a spa session or gentle exercise class (such as Pilates or a stretch session) before dinner. Wellbeing talks are held in the evening, or you can head straight to bed. 

Eden is big on letting guests decide what they will and won’t participate in each day, depending on their energy levels and mood, so no programme commitments are set in stone. As our ‘Joy Leader’ (retreat coordinator) emphasised on the first night, “We want you to engineer your own experience.” You can do as much or as little as you want each day, so if you decide to sleep in, skip the scheduled activities and read a book by the pool all day, that’s okay. 

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Eden Health Retreat
Image courtesy of Rebecca Walker

The relaxation programme revolves around restoration, so spa treatments play an integral role. The retreat’s wellness menu is wide-ranging and is split into five sections:

  • Massage and bodywork: ‘Eden Essentials’
  • Holistic modalities such as colon hydrotherapy: ‘Eden Speciality & Healing’
  • Private wellbeing sessions such as yoga or personal training: ‘Eden Health & Lifestyle’
  • Skin treatments: ‘Eden Facial’
  • Therapeutic scrubs and wraps: ‘Eden Body’


I opted for one of the retreat’s signature experiences ‘Ka Huna Bodywork’. This entailed a mixture of deep and soft tissue massage, joint rotations, stretching and breath to release and relax the body. My therapist, Margot, was a veteran therapist and my two-hour treatment was extraordinary.

I also had a Deep Tissue Massage which unkinked my knotted back, with a lovely therapist called Janelle. Finally, I had a Kinesiology session with a vibrant practitioner named Kellie. She used muscle testing, guided visualisation, meditation and NLP techniques to bring my body, mind and spirit into harmony. I went into a deep state of relaxation which lasted for days after the treatment. 


I arrived at Eden in dire need of energetic replenishment. I had inflamed digestion (due to a less-than-optimal diet); plus my energy levels were low (thanks to motherhood); my agitated nervous system (due to stress); and my mind was extremely active (due to the busy, multi-tasking nature of my life). Superficially, my eyes were puffy, my muscles were tight and my sweet tooth was dominating my palate.  

Yet by the end of the week, my digestive system had calmed considerably; my energy levels had increased, my nervous system felt more regulated, and my mind had quietened. Thankfully, my lymphatic system responded to the spa treatments and my puffiness decreased. Plus, my muscle pain lessened and my sugar cravings abated. 

All in all, I felt like a different woman to the one who checked in a week prior. My goal was to leave Eden feeling rejuvenated with my well-being batteries fully charged, and I definitely achieved that. 

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Image courtesy of Rebecca Walker

We Loved 

The treetop Flying Fox experience was my highlight of the week. Fun, exhilarating and a tad scary, zooming through the air in the Aussie bush was very enjoyable. Not only did it get my adrenaline rushing, but it also boosted my joy levels. I’m usually the one pushing my children on swings in the playground, so it was fun to play on a zipline and see the world from a new vantage point.   

The Ka Huna Bodywork was equally memorable. From the minute she laid her hands on me, Margot swept me into an otherworldly experience that spoke to my soul. More than a massage, the healing energy during this enchanting encounter left me feeling like I’d been taken on a magic carpet ride. 

I also loved the ‘Club Mud’ experience. This back-to-nature encounter entails slathering therapeutic clay (imported from New Zealand) all over yourself and then basking in the sunshine on a secluded grassy hillside. Known to detoxify skin (the body’s largest organ) and alleviate various dermal issues, mud is known for its purifying and anti-inflammatory properties.

My favourite part of this muddy encounter was washing off in a nearby creek. The resort has a shower for use, but my inner cavewoman celebrated as I climbed into nature’s bathtub, caked in clay. 

Other highlights included jumping off the retreat’s ‘Power Pole’ (an adventure experience that entails leaping off a 7-metre high pole), the Zumba dance class and the sound healing session with the magical Gabriela. 

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Image courtesy of Rebecca Walker

Insider Tips 

There’s no coffee during your stay. However, the retreat does offer decaf coffee and low-caf coffee on-hand for those in desperate need. 

As far as digital addictions are concerned, Eden has no reception on the property, so unless you want to sit in reception to use their WIFI, don’t expect to be doing conference calls from the mountaintop between massages. The retreat discourages screen time. Consequently, there are no TVs or internet access in the rooms. 

There’s strictly no smoking and alcohol consumption on the property. So if you’re not yet ready to kick your bad habits, this isn’t the retreat for you. That said, if you’re having serious nicotine withdrawals, the retreat’s wellness coordinator is on hand with natural remedies. 

All the activities and action happen in Eden’s hind mountain area. But there is a gorgeous creek running along the front of the property. This is a perfect place for a solo picnic and book reading session. That’s if you feel like some quiet alone time.

Eden is a gated community, so you can’t leave the property without permission once you’ve checked in. Day visits are not available. 

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An authority on all things wellness, Rebecca is the founder of boutique consultancy, ‘The Conscious Wordsmith’, & former Editor-in-Chief of popular luxury lifestyle publication ‘Asia Spa Magazine’. Passionate about holistic health, she is a professional wellness journalist, certified yoga teacher, meditation instructor and ‘Peaceful Kids’ facilitator. Rebecca was based in Asia for over a decade, where she reviewed some of the world's best resorts and healing sanctuaries as ‘The Wellness Nomad’. She now lives in Australia and loves writing about wellness in all its forms.

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